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Berlin Marathon [Gallery Index]

Sunday 24th September 2006

The hottest Berlin Marathon ever - officially. Carmel and John showed guts to break 3:45, Johann somehow ran 2:59:59 without a sensible watch, Kim M clocked up another quick one. Some beer was drunk.

[Berlin Marathon - C&C results]

Carmel hides the nerves
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Carmel hides
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Inline skater champ v track cyclist champ, before the skating marathon
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Gebrselassie hides behind pacers on the way to a win in 2:05:56
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Second group, well behind at 20K
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Elites again
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Another elite
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[comments (0)]

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[comments (0)]

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And more non-elites
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Carmel, somewhere.....
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Field hospital, circa 1849
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Shower at 36K on a very warm day
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Brandenburg Gate - finish line in sight
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And again
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Again, TV tower on the East side
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Time ticks by, survivors struggle home
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John makes it through
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John hit the Berlin Wall but kept running
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Carmel obscured again
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Gets that London time with a minute to spare
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The Brandenburg Gate from the East
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Still they come....
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Collapsed Carmel, listing slightly
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Propped up now, and post-beer
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Outside the Reichstag, pic for Mum
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Job well done
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