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Random photo   [another!]

(St Ives 10K 2008)
Random photo   [another!]

(Saffron Walden Kevin Henry 5K 2013)
(pic: Simon Brightwell)
Random photo   [another!]

(St Neots Riverside Half Marathon 2009)
(pic: TJ)
Photo Galleries  

2018 (2 pictures)
London Marathon 2018   (22nd April) 2

2017 (34 pictures)
Round Norfolk Relay   (16th-17th September) 29
Northampton Half Marathon 2017   (3rd September) 1
Fen Drayton 10K   (30th April) 3
Miscellaneous 1

2016 (118 pictures)
Round Norfolk Relay 2016   (17th-18th September) 4
SVP100   (13th August) 1
Kevin Henry 5K League - Saffron Striders   (7th July) 55
Hatfield Broad Oak 10K 2016   (30th May) 3
Derwent Valley Series 2016   (30th May) 1
Virgin Money London Marathon   (24th April) 54

2015 (143 pictures)
C&C Boxing Day Run 2015   (26th December) 50
Albert Parkrun   (25th December) 3
Round Norfolk Relay   (19th-20th September) 0
St Ives 10k   (19th July) 4
DT30   (11th July) 7
Bob Graham Round   (11th July) 7
Mont Blanc Marathon   (26th-28th June) 13
C&C Billy Bland Challenge relay   (24th May) 25
Virgin Money London Marathon   (26th April) 32
European Masters Indoor Athletics Championships, Torun, Poland   (22nd-28th March) 2

2014 (157 pictures)
Autumn Shakespeare Marathon   (15th November) 1
Dovedale Dash   (2nd November) 10
Great Eastern Run   (12th October) 1
Round Norfolk Relay   (20th-21st September) 0
Borrowdale Fell Race   (2nd August) 1
Endure 24   (28th-29th June) 5
Derbyshire   (23rd-26th May) 42
Virgin Money London Marathon   (13th April) 66
ERRA 12 & 6 Stage Road Relay Championships   (5th April) 19
Folksworth 15   (19th January) 12

2013 (519 pictures)
C&C Boxing Day Race   (26th December) 58
Frostbite League - Hunts AC   (8th December) 10
Wimpole Half Marathon   (6th October) 4
Warsaw Marathon   (28th September) 5
Southern 4-Stage Relays Aldershot Senior/Vet Women   (21st September) 10
Shelford Fun Run   (15th September) 2
Round Norfolk Relay   (14th-15th September) 43
Drei Zinnen Alpine Run   (8th September) 14
Kevin Henry League C&C   (5th September) 4
Reykjavik Marathon, HM and 10k - C&C on tour   (24th August) 10
Swiss Alpine Marathon   (27th July) 20
Haverhill Running Club Kevin Henry Race 2   (4th July) 7
Saffron Walden Kevin Henry 5K   (6th June) 58
Peterborough 5k Ferry Meadows   (5th June) 1
Cambridge Fetch Summer Mile   (1st June) 30
Ross Peers East Cambs Half Marathon   (19th May) 9
Virgin London Marathon   (21st April) 38
Cambridge Cambourne 10K   (14th April) 7
Bungay Black Dog Marathon and Half   (14th April) 6
Llubi   (13th April) 9
Cambridge Half Marathon   (10th March) 106
Frostbite Trophies   (3rd March) 1
Cambridgeshire Cross-Country Championships   (6th January) 67

2012 (325 pictures)
C&C Boxing Day Race   (26th December) 0
SEAA Cross Country Relays    (6th October) 9
London Olympic Games   (27th July-12th August) 0
Chilford 10k   (17th June) 14
Swaledale Marathon   (9th June) 12
Grand East Anglia Run (GEAR) 10k    (6th May) 2
London Marathon   (22nd April) 60
Cambourne 10k    (15th April) 3
South of England Road relay race   (25th March) 32
Cambridge Half Marathon Extravaganza   (11th March) 116
Tarpley 10   (26th February) 3
A Trip to Narnia - MCP Parkrun 5k Course   (5th February) 4
A Trip to Narnia   (5th February) 10
Folksworth 15    (22nd January) 50
XC Champs   (8th January) 0
Saffron Walden 10K 7
Ampthill Trophy 2012 3

2011 (592 pictures)
C&C Boxing Day Race   (26th December) 56
Frostbite League - Hunts AC   (11th December) 30
Hereward Relay    (27th November) 27
St Neots Riverside Half Marathon   (20th November) 26
Ampthill Trophy XC   (23rd October) 10
Wix 5 mile   (16th October) 1
Round Norfolk Relay   (18th-19th September) 17
Kevin Henry 5K League Newmarket   (4th August) 24
SwissAlpine K42   (30th July) 12
St Ives 10k   (17th July) 13
Mont Blanc Marathon   (26th June) 0
Bury 5M   (24th June) 3
Huntingdon 10k   (19th June) 1
Swaledale   (11th June) 40
Kevin Henry 5km Impington Tri Club   (12th May) 61
Breckland 10k   (2nd May) 27
London Marathon   (17th April) 21
Paris Marathon    (10th April) 36
Lochaber Marathon Views   (10th April) 8
Cambridge Cambourne 10k   (3rd April) 26
Frostbite Hinchingbrooke   (6th March) 48
Great Bentley Half   (6th February) 8
Reedham 10 mile   (30th January) 4
Cambridge parkrun #51   (29th January) 17
Folksworth 15   (23rd January) 3
Ramsey Frostbite   (16th January) 40
Twin Piers 10k   (15th January) 18
Wymondham New Year's Day 10K    (1st January) 12
Miscellaneous 3

2010 (750 pictures)
Ely New Year's Eve 10K   (31st December) 35
C&C Boxing Day Race   (26th December) 4
Frostbite Hinchingbrooke Park    (12th December) 10
Hereward Relay 2010   (28th November) 5
St Neots Half Marathon   (21st November) 20
St Neots Frostbite   (3rd October) 41
Berlin Marathon Weekend   (24th-27th September) 17
Chariots of Fire - Team Think Product Design   (19th September) 15
Round Norfolk Relay   (18th-19th September) 70
Newmarket Duathlon   (12th September) 50
Kevin Henry 5k League - Newmarket   (2nd September) 93
Pen y Fan Fell Race   (17th July) 10
C&C Camping Trip to Stiffkey   (2nd-4th July) 18
Chilford 10K and 5K   (20th June) 10
Kevin Henry 5K League - Cambridge   (3rd June) 109
Cambridge Parkrun #17   (22nd May) 13
Ashby 20   (21st March) 6
Cambridge parkrun #3   (13th February) 6
Bourne Frostbite   (7th February) 52
Cambridge parkrun #2   (6th February) 3
Folksworth 15   (24th January) 8
Ramsey Frostbite   (17th January) 108
Cambridgeshire Cross-Country Championships   (10th January) 41
Miscellaneous 6

2009 (515 pictures)
Ely New Year's Eve 10K   (31st December) 33
C&C Boxing Day Race   (26th December) 21
St Neots Riverside Half Marathon   (15th November) 27
Dovedale Dash   (1st November) 12
Richmond Castle 10K   (18th October) 7
Great Eastern Run   (11th October) 10
Great Gorilla Run   (26th September) 3
Chariots of Fire   (20th September) 1
Round Norfolk Relay   (19th-20th September) 120
5K League Haverhill   (2nd July) 27
Swaledale Marathon   (13th June) 12
5K League Saffron Walden   (4th June) 16
Derbyshire   (22nd-25th May) 38
East Cambs Half Marathon   (17th May) 13
Halstead Ultra   (10th May) 4
Eye 10K   (10th May) 35
Ish & Nancy's Wedding   (9th May) 18
London Marathon   (26th April) 16
Three Peaks Race   (25th April) 3
Cambridge Cambourne 10K   (5th April) 32
Turing Trail Relay   (15th March) 28
Draycote Water Marathon   (22nd February) 4
Bury 20   (22nd February) 25
Cambridge Festival of Running Expo   (1st February) 8
Miscellaneous 2

2008 (735 pictures)
Nene Valley 10 miles   (7th December) 5
GRIM 8   (7th December) 3
St Neots Riverside Half Marathon   (16th November) 111
Dovedale Dash   (2nd November) 60
Richmond Castle 10K   (19th October) 37
Budapest Relay Marathon   (5th October) 9
Saffron Walden 10K   (29th September) 29
Round Norfolk Relay   (20th-21st September) 68
Swiss Alpine Marathon   (26th July) 42
St Ives 10K   (20th July) 20
Swaledale Marathon   (14th June) 6
Newmarket 5K   (5th June) 19
Derbyshire   (23rd-26th May) 169
Eye 10K   (11th May) 21
Trieste Marathon   (4th May) 8
Flitwick 10K   (20th April) 8
Cambridge Duathlon   (20th April) 4
London Marathon   (13th April) 40
Coniston 14   (5th April) 16
Turing Trail Relay   (16th March) 6
Ian & Helen's leaving party   (14th March) 8
Folksworth 15   (20th January) 18
Cambridgeshire Cross-Country Championships   (5th January) 27
Miscellaneous 1

2007 (669 pictures)
Ely New Year's Eve 10K   (31st December) 79
C&C Boxing Day Race   (26th December) 27
The Hereward Relay   (25th November) 33
St Neots Riverside Half Marathon   (18th November) 51
Dovedale Dash   (4th November) 37
Cologne Marathon and Half   (7th October) 14
Swiss Alpine Marathon   (28th July) 10
Newmarket 10K   (1st July) 10
Derbyshire   (25th-28th May) 117
Flora London Marathon   (22nd April) 121
Madhuri's 40th Birthday Party   (14th April) 22
Turing Trail Relay   (18th March) 39
Lisbon Half Marathon   (18th March) 27
English National XC Championships   (10th March) 25
St Peter's Great East Run   (18th February) 12
Frostbite League - Ramsey   (14th January) 37
Miscellaneous 8

2006 (527 pictures)
Ely New Year's Eve 10K   (31st December) 48
Hereward Relay   (26th November) 54
St Neots Half   (19th November) 73
Dovedale Dash   (5th November) 121
Budapest Marathon   (15th October) 51
Berlin Marathon   (24th September) 29
Newmarket 5K   (7th September) 7
Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog   (4th August) 7
Derbyshire   (26th-29th May) 17
London Marathon   (23rd April) 26
Prague Half   (1st April) 17
Ballycotton 10   (5th March) 7
Bungay 20K   (19th February) 21
Stamford St Valentine's 30K   (12th February) 45
Miscellaneous 4

2005 (151 pictures)
Glyn's 60th Birthday Album   (19th December) 30
Hickathrift 10K   (6th June) 6
Derbyshire   (27th-30th May) 64
Eye 10K   (15th May) 22
London Marathon   (17th April) 9
Ballycotton 10   (6th March) 20

2004 (211 pictures)
Ely New Year's Eve 10K   (31st December) 29
Swavesey Frostbite   (12th December) 22
Nene Valley 10   (5th December) 27
Amsterdam Marathon   (17th October) 26
Derbyshire   (28th-31st May) 72
Ostend to Bruges   (29th February) 35

2003 (41 pictures)
Round Norfolk Relay   (13th-14th September) 40
Derbyshire   (23rd-26th May) 1

Miscellaneous (10 pictures)
Wilberforce Road 3
Logos and Badges 3
C&C Tee 1
C&C Babies 3

5499 pictures in 224 galleries
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