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Site Woes
Apologies again for the dreadful performance of the site - I'm working on a solution, but it's complicated and takes more time than I have.
In the meantime - memorise the name - never, ever use HospPapa to host your site. Tell your friends!
[Andy I, Mon 20/06/16] [comments (0)]

Kevin Henry Newmarket Pub Meet
After the Newmarket Kevin Henry, we'll meet at the White Hart in Newmarket.

There are a couple of cars leaving from the track at 6.30pm if people need a lift.
Kevin Henry 5K League - Newmarket Joggers:  Results (59)
[Nev, Wed 08/06/16] [comments (0)]

Barry Wallman
We lost one of our leading lights last week; Barry Wallman died suddenly on Wednesday 25th. Apart from being our President for many years, Barry was well known for his huge contribution to athletics across Cambridgeshire and the East of England, and at national level too, with English Cross Country Association. The ECCA paid tribute here, along with words from Neil Costello.
C&C competitors will remember Barry out officiating in all weathers, on tracks, playing fields, car parks and roads of the region, from sunshine at Wilberforce Road to chilly nights in Norfolk, never balking a tough ruling, but always free with encouragement and good humour.
[Andy I, Wed 01/06/16] [comments (4)]

Country for Old Men
We staffed the Hatfield Broad Oak 10K entirely with veteran men... good day out though despite the wind!
Hatfield Broad Oak 10K:  Results (5)  Gallery (3)
[CharlieW, Mon 30/05/16] [comments (3)]

Kevin Henry League- Newmarket Joggers
Date: Thursday 9th June 2016
Time: 7.30pm start
Location: Rowley Mile Racecourse ( top of the driveway to the Course on right hand side)
Car parking: There is plenty of parking at the Rowley Mile Racecourse car park or there is limited parking at the top of the drive, just off A1304.

Notes: There are no toilet or changing facilities on Site. We do have use of the cemetery toilets; a short distance across the main A1304 road in to Newmarket.
As usual and because we're expecting good weather (!) there will be an ice cream van on site.
[RichHL, Mon 30/05/16] [comments (1)]

Peterborough summer 5k series
Was reminded of this series by BRJ and I know a few C&C'ers have run this in the past. The Peterborough Grand Prix series is fast approaching. This is a series of 5 x 5k races (for seniors) and 3k (for juniors), run over the summer on a Wednesday night. 7pm for juniors, 7.30 for seniors - but you need to register and pay on the night so do allow time to do this. With 400 odd seniors it can get busy! Dates and venues are 8th June, Ferry Meadows, 22 June, Eye; 6th July, Stamford; 20 July, Ferry Meadows; 3 Aug, Werrington. It is a good chance to go hard for a pb.

[Chris Hurcomb, Thu 26/05/16] [comments (1)]

It's not you, it's me
Update on the slow server - the hosts still haven't as much as admitted there's a problem, so it looks like I'll be migrating the site soon. Apologies for the ongoing sub-standard service. Advice (which you are welcome to spread) - do not use HostPapa for hosting!
[Andy I, Tue 03/05/16] [comments (4)]

Rojimon in the News
There's a nice article on our own Rojimon Cherian in the Cambridge News.
[Andy I, Sun 22/05/16] [comments (0)]

Kevin Henry 5k Series 2016, Race 2
I know we're not really Leicester City in our context, but we're still top of the league! Hurrah! After the second race on Thursday night we have consolidated our position while CTC has slipped just a little further behind in second place because their women were beaten by Haverhill's women. We need to keep the numbers up both for men and for women in order to maintain our position at the top of the league so get your vest and help create another White and Bluewash at Newmarket on 9th June. #AllTheClub

The league stands as follows:

1st C&C Men (12 points)
1st C&C Women (12 points)
1st C&C Combined (24 points)

2nd CTC Men (10)
2nd CTC Women (9)
2nd CTC Combined (19)

3rd Newmarket Men (8)
4th Newmarket Women (7)
3rd Newmarket Combined 15)

4th Haverhill Men (6)
3rd Haverhill Women (8)
4th Haverhill Combined (14)

5th= Saffron Striders Men (3)
5th Saffron Striders Women (4)
5th Saffron Striders Combined (7)

5th= Ely Men (3)
6th Ely Women (2)
6th Ely Combined (5)
Kevin Henry 5K League - Ely Runners:  Results (80)  Report: RichHL
[RichHL, Sat 21/05/16] [comments (0)]

Kevin Henry League: Ely Runners, Witchford, Thursday 19th May 2016
A few lifts available in cars departing the track at 6.30pm. Returning in time for 8.30pm.

Witchford Village Hall,
Bedwell Hay Lane, Witchford
Map here

This is a single loop, figure-eight-type course on disused WWII airfield concrete tracks. Mostly the ground is in good condition for fast running, but there are some pot holes and cracks here and there. Please note that the tracks used are on private land through a working farm and are almost entirely not a right of way. Recce running on the day from 6pm onwards is fine, but please do not recce before race day – doing so may jeopardise future use of the venue.

The race HQ, toilets, and parking are at Witchford Village Hall. The village of Witchford is
approximately 1.5 miles west of Ely off the A142. Please park in the recreation ground behind the venue, as directed by marshals on the day.
[Nev, Wed 18/05/16] [comments (0)]

Wings for Life
It's a cliché, but this really is an event like no other. The race in Cambridge was impressive: 2000 runners, city centre start, entirely closed roads, continuous motorbike and bicycle support later on, TV helicopter and camera bikes, various celebrities, and whole Fenland villages turning out to spectate all along the route. Now multiply that by the 34 locations which run simultaneously around the globe and you have an operation to humble even the big city marathons, requiring NASA-style mission control (and one hell of a marketing budget). In a nutshell the format has a race start but no finish; a gradually-accelerating 'catcher car' pursues the field in each country, and you're out when it gets you. Results are ranked by distance reached not time, last survivor wins, and everything is collated globally.
It has to be said that not many entrants are trained distance athletes. Still fewer with spring marathon campaigns under their belts, some with Christof-style heat acclimatisation training -- especially handy for a race that starts at noon, in 26 degC unbroken sunshine. Small wonder then that we grabbed 3 of the top 10 places, 7 of the top 100, and could field a small party in front of the big screen on Parker's Piece afterwards, not to mention scores of club shout-outs from spectators.
Do chip in with your own stories as comments. If you didn't have the club listed in the results here I probably missed you, so do add yourself (a tricky test but Andy's wizardry does just accommodate it!).
It's VLM + 2 weeks again next year in Cambridge -- heartily recommended.
Wings for Life World Race:  Results (22)
[CharlieW, Tue 10/05/16] [comments (6)]

Kevin Henry League - Cambridge Tri
Very late news from the first of the Kevin Henry 5K series, this one hosted by Cambridge Tri on their Chivers Farm course. Late, but very good news - we won both male and female competitions and, there being no gender-fluid categories yet, inevitably won the overall too. No surprise with individual performances on show - first for Jonathan Escalante-Phillips (in 16:11) and Claire Wilson (18:11), second for Chris Darling (16:24) and Claire Somerton (18:25), third for Carla Brown (also 18:25), fifth for Sullivan Smith (16:49), eighth for Paul Aste (16:56) and ninth for both Alex Eggeman (17:10) and Carrie Bedingfield (20:41). With a massive 92 turning out for us, each scoring a point at least, it's a brilliant start in our hunt to regain our titles which Cambridge Tri took from us last year.
Next up is the Ely race, at Witchford, on Thursday 19th May - come along in your C&C vest; you'll be helping our points tally regardless of speed.
Kevin Henry 5K League - Cambridge Tri:  Results (92)
[Andy I, Thu 05/05/16] [comments (0)]

London Marathon
I'm incubating a proper report, but as it's been the best part of a week, I'll invite you now to study the amazing times and countless PBs from Sunday, via the link. Congratulations to everyone, particularly our fastest male & female athletes, Chris Darling (2:37) and Katie Samuelson (3:09), but above all Mary Twitchett, whose 3:11 earned her a stratospheric third place in her category.
Virgin Money London Marathon:  Results (28)  Gallery (54)  Report: Andy I
[Andy I, Fri 29/04/16] [comments (5)]

English National Road Relays
Thanks to our correspondent at the National Road Relays for posting the results. As you hopefully realise, the Nationals are the absolute pinnacle of the club scene, and the opposition is the best of the best. Simple as that.
Our female first team finished third.
Digest that for a minute. Third place. In the whole country. If it were football, they'd be Manchester City. Direct comparison.
Congratulations Charlie Christensen, Katy Hedgethorne, Claire Somerton, Vicky Knight, Claire Wilson and Suzie Reid, and proud coaching staff too, on a spectacular performance.
Just as spectacular was the sixteenth earned by the B-team - Liz Fraser, Gemma Coe, Becca Frake, Natalie Griffiths, Carla Brown and Nicola McBride - our second team beat a host of nationally-renowned A-teams, and are officially the quickest B-team in England.
The chaps couldn't possibly compete with that, but they gave it a damn good try - double the team size, so I'll leave you to check the roll of honour on the results page to see exactly whose shoes we are not fit to lace, but congratulations on 27th and 54th places - again, our teams proved they can cut it at a national level.
Congratulations to all involved, on and off the road.
English National Road Relays:  Results (36)
[Andy I, Thu 21/04/16] [comments (0)]

London Marathon Spectator and Runners Meetup
Post VLM meetup for spectators and runners:
The Porterhouse, 21-22 Maiden Lane, Nr Covent Garden
C&C spectator point: Mile 22, north side of "The Highway". Feel free to exchange telephone numbers so you can get together.
Nearest tube; Shadwell, St Georges Swimming Pool is a good meetup point.
[Nev, Thu 21/04/16] [comments (1)]

Kevin Henry 5k Series 2016, Race 1
5Km Run Race - Seniors

Thursday 28th April 2016 at 7.30pm

Races held under UKA rules, UKA Cross Country Permit number 27.16

Chivers Farm, Behind Spire Hospital, New Road, Impington.CB24 9EL

There are toilets but no changing facilities.
Do not use the Spire Hospital toilets.
Registration area at the back of the Spire car park.

Parking is available at Impington Village College sports complex next door.
No parking in the Spire Hospital car park

Race details
Two lap route with makers at the Km points.
Course is mainly concrete tracks but may be muddy in parts if wet.
5Km race at 7.30pm. Please wear your club vest
A horn or whistle will warn you to move to the start.
[RichHL, Wed 13/04/16] [comments (0)]

Paris Marathon
There was some very high-quality marathoning from the C&C squad in Paris last weekend. Very high-quality indeed. Four of our team made the top 200 in a race with 41,708 finishers. Yes, that good. Alastair Hodges was the quickest of the lot, running 2:36:50 for 67th place, and Axel Finke's 2:40:13 ranked him exactly 100th. And a mere two seconds apart, and euphorically/agonisingly either side of 2¾ hours were, respectively, Andrew Shields and Matt Slater (179th/181st). Rodrigo Santos was next, with a fine 3:13:49 (on debut, I think?). Of the five, only Matt (fortunately!) had run a quicker marathon before.
I'd love to know where we ranked amongst the French clubs. Our quicks really are doing something special at the moment - congratulations to all of you. We're looking forward to hearing the stories. And anyone else who crossed the Channel, please do add yourself to the results.
Paris Marathon:  Results (7)
[Andy I, Tue 05/04/16] [comments (3)]

Age Grade Update
You may not want to hear this if you've got a target WAVA, but the data tables used to calculate it on this site have been updated to the 2015 versions. You might be lucky, but there's a fair chance your most prized percentages have degraded a bit because someone your age somewhere in the world ran a bit faster. Life is unfair, I know. I suggest training harder. The raw data come from this website, if you're a bit geeky.
[Andy I, Fri 01/04/16] [comments (5)]

SEAA Road Relays
Excellent news in from the South of England Road Relays, where our teams took on the absolute best clubs in the south to challenge for SEAA honours and qualification for the Nationals. The men's twelve-stage event, over alternating 7.2km and 4.8km legs, saw three C&C teams in action, earning 10th, 25th and 31st places - astonishingly good, I'd say, in quality and depth. A roll of honour for our "A" team stars who qualified to take on the rest of England - we salute you Ollie Park, Kieran Wood, Chris Darling, Tim Cobden, Ross Tennant, Matt Slater, Jack Bowden, Nick Beer, Ally Hodges, Jonathan Escalante-Phillips, Patrick O'Hare, and Alex Eggeman. In addition, Kieran was the third-quickest of all runners on the short leg.
I've saved the best 'til last though - over their six-stage event, our female "A" team, Katy Hedgethorne, Charlie Christensen, Becca Frake, Vicky Knight, Clare Wilson and Susannah Reid, took a mind-blowing second place. This is one of the best results C&C has ever had in anything ever, and huge congratulations are in order. Needless to say, they're off to the Nationals too. Well done also to the "B" team, 27th place for them.
A round of applause to all 48 C&C runners, plus proud coaches and supporters. Take a look at the results for full details (thanks to my mystery correspondent for the epic data entry).
SEAA 12 & 6 Stage Road Relay Championships:  Results (48)
[Andy I, Wed 23/03/16] [comments (2)]
Random photo   [another!]

(Newmarket Duathlon 2010)
(pic: Marcus)
Random photo   [another!]

(Kevin Henry 5k League - Newmarket 2010)
(pic: Ludmila Klesca)
Random photo   [another!]

(Derbyshire 2004)
(pic: Ian/Helen)
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