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Boston Marathon 2016
Anybody interested? I've got qualifying time this year (and last year) and, as I'm older than many of you, my window of time for participating in Boston is narrower than yours.... So maybe 2016 is the year??
[Mary J, Mon 27/04/15]    [comments (0)]

London Marathon
Probably the rarest thing in marathon running is perfection. You keep trying, and something always takes the shine off your day, whether it's a niggle, an inconveniently-timed bug or just a misjudged mile. So you come back again and again, unable to incinerate the battered, stinky trainers until you get it just exactly right. It never happens.
Still, there was something about the 2015 London Marathon, just a suggestion that everything may, for one moment in our otherwise cosmically-unblessed lifetimes, come together. The planets were perceptibly aligning. For us at C&C, it was the summit of a training season which seemed to marry club spirit with a foolproof scientific master-plan. It was the year that road running's returning heroine would sweep aside the injuries for a last farewell among the rest of us. And, joy of joys, it was the year that a cold, grey blanket of cloud would slip in off the sea to chill the spectators for a few hours. Ten degrees at the start, ten degrees at the finish. There would never be a better opportunity for forty-three thousand runs of a lifetime. Everything was right. Perfection.
Well, that was the idea.
Of course, the universe hates perfection. Ask our first finisher, Stacy Wheat; a fine start, but day over at sixteen miles with an angry ITB. You may even ask this year's C&C superstar Victoria Knight, who ran what is quite simply the finest marathon performance by a female from our club that I can recall; she shadowed Paula most of the way until the pain got too much and the seconds started wriggling away on the Embankment. An imperfect but utterly magnificent 2:45:06, 15th female mass-starter. No better illustration that a painful positive split usually follows a brave commitment, and there's no question that Matt Slater's 2:48 fits that description, as does Dan Hurst's agonising 3:00:47, while Mike Salt (3:16) paid again for refusing, ever, to play safe. But others amongst the quicks almost nailed it: Charlie Wartnaby gave a master-class in marathoning once again; a few stray seconds cost him a sub-2:40, but he still earned the coveted first-C&C crown by a comfortable margin. Of the usual sub-3 gang, Al Pritchard (2:53), Neil White (2:58) and Andrew Shields (2:59) are good enough to be able to spare the odd minute and still stroll under the mark, though John Ferguson (3:06) couldn't quite make it this time. Agonisingly close was Jon Anderson, just 31 seconds the wrong side of a first two-something. England's Katie Samuelson flirted with sub-3 as well, and pulled off an ourtstanding 3:02 to finish second C&C female, 107th overall. The margin was just too tight for Mike Salter, but 3:04 was a fine reward.
There were other superb performances with the tiniest of gnats in the ointment, and smiles should still be on faces for Mark Williams (3:27), Ben Chamberlain (3:27 PB), Chris Hurcomb (3:32 PB), Chris Poole (3:36) and Julian Hardyman (3:39 PB). Clare Garvey had a tough one, but fought through it for 3:48. Mary Jennings, in her element, impressed again with a 4:09, as did Iona Graham Hagg with 4:13. Julia Decesare's race-day perfection was ruined by injury a while back, so a 4:10 in the circumstances was a joy. Ed Hall (4:26) and Graham Handley (4:56) ran fine races, Becky Wilburn's even-paced 4:45 PB was super-strong, and the splits show Dan Bayles (5:58) caned it round St James's Park for a deserved sub-6.
To end appropriately, we need to keep in mind that perfection is not an impossible dream, not even in the uncontrolled chaos of the London marathon, because I think two of our band can claim to have achieved it, so they get to star in the report finale. Score one for the scientists; Christof Schwiening ran a race so perfect, and so fast, that it needs to be analysed, and perhaps written up as a paper by someone. 2:51, a small negative split and a big PB. And Neil Tween ran a 3:13, also a PB and also quicker coming home than going out. Neither will be forced to run the distance ever again. You are both immaculate.
But in the end, the astral conjunctions diverged. Radcliffe signed off with a personal worst on a dodgy achilles and a crumbly foot, and Victoria's spectacular run, to be treasured and remembered, will be tinged with the tiniest hint of 'what if?'. Perfection was not obtained. But I think we're getting there, and I feel in my waters that the omens are good for next year. We just need to stick to Christof's plan.
Virgin Money London Marathon:  Results (29)  Gallery (0)
[Andy I, Mon 27/04/15]    [comments (10)]

Katie gets England call up
Katie Samuelson has been selected to represent England in the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k on May 2nd

[flanker, Thu 23/04/15]    [comments (2)]

VLM post race get together
After the London Marathon on 26th April, we'll be meeting up at The Porterhouse, 21-22 Maiden Lane,
London WC2E 7NA for post race food drink, chat and post mortem. Runners and spectators all welcome!

No doubt runners will be sorting their own logistics, but it would be fun for the spectators to get together for a fun day out. If you are making your own way there, we'll meet at around mile 13/22. (look out for the C&C banner). Anybody wanting to travel together, let me know here and we'll get organised.

[Nev, Mon 30/03/15]    [comments (1)]

Billy Bland 2nd Recce Weekend
Another great recce weekend for the C&C Billy Bland team! The weather was a bit more of a mixed bag than last time - clear blue skies on Friday and Saturday, but then some more classic Lakeland conditions today with high gusty winds, low cloud, and a bit of rain. A short-ish play around on Loughrigg on Friday evening was followed by a big day yesterday taking in half of BGR leg 3 plus a little warm up and warm down getting to and from the route. Then another great effort today along the whole of leg 2. Total for the weekend was 44.6 miles with 16,700 feet of ascent - a decent bit of hill training by any standards.
[Bernard Shannon, Mon 20/04/15]    [comments (0)]

Bosworth Half - 10th May
On the 10th of May there is the Bosworth Half Marathon and a few C&Cers are heading up to edge of Leicestershire and Warwickshire to take a crack at it. Ian Richardson and Karen have a special occasion to celebrate. The ever-speedie Charlie Ritchie is joining us and Kevin is out to prove that he can run faster than me. We will see! It will be especially emotional for me since I will be attempting to break a 31 year old PB (my last half marathon was in Nov 1983: 1:49:11 shortly after which I stopped running for nearly 25 years). If anyone else would like to join us, it should be a great day out. The course has hills but it is the ideal place and time for a historic battle!
[Christof Schwiening, Sat 18/04/15]    [comments (0)]

European Long Distance Duathlon Championships, Horst, NL - Bronze for Ben
Benvenuto Baldelli stormed around the c10k run - c60k bike - c10k run course in 2:43 with some mighty fast running and speedy biking to get a bronze medal (3/24) in the 45-49 group and 1st Brit (out of 7). Nick Mansley managed a very respectable 2:59 coming 7th in the 50-54 category (out of 17) and 2nd Brit (out of 6).
[Nutterman, Tue 14/04/15]    [comments (2)]

Sandy 10
I haven't done the otherwise-excellent Sandy 10 in years because age hasn't yet dimmed my recollection of the vertical hill after the mile post. Presumably none of our five-strong squad worry about such things, because all ran rather well. Gerald Meah (1:15) and Anne Schumann (1:29) were our quickest male and female, with Glyn Smith and Alex Downie renewing their rivalry (both 1:18) and Andrew Unsworth (1:34) in pursuit. Maybe next year.
Sandy 10:  Results (5)
[Andy I, Tue 14/04/15]    [comments (1)]

Five out of Five!
You're such a modest lot - or possibly just too knackered to reach the keyboard.
Anyway, the marathon news from the weekend is just about as epic as it could possibly be without hearing the actual tales of suffering (reports welcome, please!). In summary, all five of our adventurers who set forth on the 26.2 came back with PBs. Firstly, news from Paris, where Kevin O'Holleran cracked the magic three-hour barrier with a superb 2:59:00, and Isabelle Lemasson blasted a fine 3:49:23. Thence back across the channel - just - to Brighton, and the news of another sub-3, from Ian Richardson (2:59:55), Chris Newell's 3:28:16 and Bernie Shannon's 3:40:00. Many of us have been following these guys' huge training efforts, and watching them get faster and faster, and I know we're all delighted. Congratulations to all five.
Paris Marathon:  Results (3)  Report: Kevin-O
Brighton Marathon:  Results (3)
[Andy I, Tue 14/04/15]    [comments (3)]

Cambridge Cambourne 10K
No clubs given in the results of this one, so I've gone number-crunching crazy and tried to cross-reference everyone against my list of present and past members. Preliminary results are posted, but before I do anything else I'd appreciate some editing if you see problems, and add yourself if I've missed you.
On to the race itself, and it was a pretty gorgeous day if you had a stout defence against the stiff breeze, and it seems to have been another roaring success organisationally - well done Neil, Lesley and the team. There was unfortunately a medical event near the Harry-Potter-themed lakes on the far side - wishing the runner a full and speedy recovery, and thanks to those who aided. It was pretty successful competitively too, with our squad making up nearly one-in-fifteen of the field and achieving even better than that. As is customary, I'll refer you to the many results linked below, and pick out the particular highlights. No lights were higher than those of Jonathan Escalante-Phillips, who won the race brilliantly in 34:13, ahead of eighth-placed Al Pritchard, who blasted a 36:45 and won the MV40 category. Fine racing both, but especially Jonathan, a magnificent victory just a day after being generally rapid in the national road relays. However, despite missing out on the ultimate prize, our females packed the top places even better than the chaps, with Mary Twitchett outstanding in taking both first Vet 45 and second overall in 41:43. Amy Goymour took third (and second FV35), just seconds (four chip, seven gun, if you get me) behind Mary, and Ellen Leggate was fourth in 42:30 and third FV35. Top ten too for Nicky McBride, 44:04, seventh and second FV45. Awesome.
On to the other categories, and it will come as no surprise to learn that our new European Champ Margaret Phillips made it double gold for the household by taking the FV55s in 46:36, with an 86.24% age grade, and John Ferguson was justified as everyone's pre-race favourite for the MV50s, with 38:23 and 80.63%. Congratulations to both of them. Other podium category places were earned by the excellent Jon Anderson (39:38, second MV50) and Bart Hommels (38:24, third MV40).
Finally, Max Godfrey takes a round of applause for winning the Fun Run, one mile in 5:56. Which is seriously shifting.
Well done everyone who ran, and all of the many organisers and helpers, on the day and before. You can be very proud.
Cambridge Cambourne 10K:  Results (65)
[Andy I, Tue 14/04/15]    [comments (0)]

Club Night Special Tuesday 14th April-the XC Awards
Club Night tomorrow features the Cross Country awards for the recently completed season. Bar open from 8 pm, help us celebrate the successes of a really great XC season for the club. A unique opportunity to applaud the runners and coaches who made it all happen, particularly our awesome senior and junior teams. If you make one Club Night this year, make it this one, so see you there after training.
[charlie, Fri 27/03/15]    [comments (0)]

National 12 and 6 Stage Relays
Sutton Park. 12 and 6 stage National Road Relays. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. Over 1000 runners, including much of the top talent in the UK, take part, racing round the brutally hilly course for the duration of 4 to 5 hours alternating between short (5.1km) and long (8.9km) legs. C&C did proud, with two of their best performances at the event for a long while. The women, flush with 3rd place from the Southerns, placed a remarkable 11th out of the 40 teams despite there being a misunderstanding at the handover, which is always a bit of a mess, and losing at least 30s. Who knows what they’ll be able to achieve next year. The men did not disappoint either (thanks to epic coordination from team manager Ric Park), finishing 27th out of 60 teams which is a 15 place improvement from last year. Special mention has to go to Kieran Wood, our superstar, who ran the 6th fastest short leg of the day (i.e. out of 378). The team is getting stronger year on year so we expect even bigger and better things for 2016! Make a special date in your diary for next year. The qualifiers will be the Southerns. End of March. Be there, or be……
National Road Relays:  Results (18)
[Jonathan, Sun 12/04/15]    [comments (2)]

Kevin Henry Race 1 ........ it's nearly here!
Now the sun has come out (at last!) it is that time of year, the time of year for us to defend our title at the Kevin Henry 5k Series. Those of you new to the club, it is a 6 club team series of 6 races this year, as Ely are layng on a race. The courses vary in terrain, but are all 5k. The races are on the fixtures page and are all on a Thursday evening, starting at 7:30. (except the last one which is 7:00) The first 6 men and 4 ladies score for us and then every other club runner scores a point. So all of you are important scorers for the team. All you need is your club vest and turn up and run.

The first event is laid on by Cambridge Triathlon Club in Impington at 7:30 on Thursday 30th April - a great day for London Marathon runners to get the lactic out their legs! If anyone can help with scoring, drop me an email on chris@hirky.wanadoo.co.uk I have attached the details to this news item. See you there......
[Chris Hurcomb, Fri 10/04/15]    [comments (0)]

Isle of Man Running Festival
George and Katy Hedgethorne have been flying the C&C flag on the Isle of Man at the Easter Running Festival. The weekend consisted of three races; a 10K road race in rather blustery conditions, then the following day a Hill Race and then a day after a 5km road race. There is a video showing the Hill Climb rather well - tough stuff.
Isle of Man Easter Festival of Running:  Results (6)
[Christof Schwiening, Mon 06/04/15]    [comments (3)]

SEAA Road Relays
For most of the year, road running is a lonely sport, and the bread and butter of our finest athletes is the pursuit of individual glory in races around the region and further afield; the club gains some esteem by association. The Road Relay championships are all about the opportunity to bring the best individuals together as a team and proving the club's credentials on the national stage. Making the team is our greatest honour - if you didn't run at Milton Keynes last weekend, the chances are you aren't as elite as you thought, and you need to work harder. Probably a lot harder. Our coaches are developing a winning formula for blending our established stars with our prodigiously talented youngsters, and both squads turned on the class to take us through to the Nationals at Sutton Park next month (the female team at least, can someone confirm the chaps too?).
The women's team did particularly well, finishing third amongst a stack of nationally-renowned clubs (get the full results off the event website and be amazed). All six recorded stage times in the top sixty-odd overall, with quickest C&C Katy Hedgethorne getting us off to a flyer and Claire Somerton, Natalie Griffiths, Beatrice Fitzsimons, Zoe MacDonald and Carrie Bedingfield finishing the job. And though it's hard to compete with that, the men pulled out something pretty special too, taking fourteenth place and some impressive scalps along the way. Hats off to all twelve, particularly Kieran Wood and Jonathan Escalante-Phillips on the longer legs and Ross Tennant and Tim Cobden on the shorter.
Nationals here we come!
(Hopefully someone not reliant on results spreadsheet, imagination and general idleness will provide a report...?)
South of England AA 12- & 6-Stage Road Relays:  Results (18)
[Andy I, Wed 01/04/15]    [comments (2)]

Oakley 20
There's no good reason why Oakley should be cursed; it's challenging, sure, but it's beautiful, varied and well-marshalled, and it should be just the thing for a good marathon tune-up. The event HQ is way too small, and runners circulate round it like blood cells round the chambers of a hypertensive heart - though much slower - but the day has essentially everything we'd need, and Bedford Harriers make sure of that. Unfortunately it IS cursed, and every year, however well or badly you've trained, the wicked Oakley Gremlin will bite you on the legs round about the point where you pass the finish after the first lap, and you end up crying in Pavenham.
Or is that just me?
None of this makes sense when I look at the results; what a belting set of C&C performances on a day of high wind, though the promised heavy rain mostly held off. No fewer than 24 of us there, and at least a 50 percent PB rate. Most awesome gent and lady were Neil White (2:14) and Stacy Wheat (2:29 and ninth female), with top-five category placings for Jon Anderson (2:15), Emma Buckland (2:34) and fellow curse victim Dave Mail (3:03). Have a look at the full set of results - you will be properly impressed.
The famous hoody was black this year, to match my mood.
Oakley 20:  Results (24)
[Andy I, Tue 31/03/15]    [comments (2)]

Savona Half Marathon
A flying trip home to Savona for Ben Baldelli to pick up some silverware - first V45 prize (top three overall not counting for that) and a trip to an actual podium, clocking 1:16:37. Congratulazioni, Benvenuto! (hope that's right - sounds right anyway...)
Savona Half Marathon:  Results (1)
[Andy I, Tue 31/03/15]    [comments (0)]

European Masters Indoor Athletics Championships
A jam-packed week of races at the European Masters Indoor Championships last week with my mother (Margaret Phillips) running in the 3000m and 1500m. She isn't the one to go round telling anyone about it but I think she deserves a mention. She came away with a PB in the 1500m and a GOLD medal in the 3000m. We have a European champion! The whole experience was incredibly inspiring. I think the highlight (apart from my mother's gold) has to be the V55 lady running 26.13s for 200m for a world record- incredible!

For anyone interested the world outdoor masters championships are in Lyon this year during the first two weeks of August. If you're over 35 check it out!
European Masters Athletics Championships (indoors):  Results (2)  Gallery (2)
[Jonathan, Mon 30/03/15]    [comments (7)]

Billy Bland Recce 1 Weekend
While many of you were relaxing over the weekend in prep for Sunday races, there were 7 C&C'ers running around the Western Fells of the Lake District. We followed Scott's carefully laid out plan with a Friday evening 5m run & 1,900ft ascent over Harter Fell in Eskdale. Now we were warmed up, Saturday was a mere 16m with 6,000ft of ascent over Bowfell and Scafell Pike followed on Sunday with another 14 miles with 6,100ft of ascent over Yewbarrow and finishing on Great Gable. The weather and Emma's food were fantastic, the rest of the crew included Katie, Nev, Kris, Lee and Pete(Katie's mountain goat uncle who lives in the Lakes) who joined in the Billy Bland bracken, boulders and boggy fun. There are 2 more Recce weekends coming on 18th/19th April & 9th/10th May followed by the Billy Bland challenge over the bank holiday weekend on 23rd/24th May. If you have read this and seen the pictures on facebook and like a challenge you are welcome to join us by contacting myself or Scott White.
[Bernard Shannon, Mon 23/03/15]    [comments (1)]

Swavesey Half and Five-Miler
Up and down the country there are many small, community-flavoured races to sample, and my village lays on a particularly nice one, based at, and run by, the highly-reputed Swavesey Village College. There's a friendly vibe, a pretty rural course which skirts the excellent RSPB nature reserve, and a keen and vocal band of marshals and helpers. Perhaps you won't always be pointed the right way, but you'll head blindly up number 43's driveway with a cheers ringing in your ears and a smile on your face. One of those lovely events. A large C&C squad certainly enjoyed the day, with the north wind abating and the sun trying its hardest, and there were some stunning successes on the two flat but tricky courses. In the half-marathon, Alastair Hodges pulled off a brilliant victory in 1:15, beating past champion Mike Salt by half a minute; congratulations to both. Matt Slater eased off the throttle slightly post-Cambridge but still clocked 1:20 for fifth place, and there was an excellent ninth place for Bart Hommels (1:26). Excellence too in the women's race, where Anna Douglas took second place in a rather fine 1:32; congratulations, Anna. In the five-miler, Ben Baldelli blew everyone away, winning easily in 27:51, and Giulio Cinque finished narrowly off the podium in 33:31. Plenty more fine performances (and some training runs) via the results link - well done all, and well done the SVC staff, kids and helpers. Finally, there was a category second place for the illustrious Alex Downie in what he swears was his final half-marathon. Surely not?
Swavesey Half Marathon & 5 Miler:  Results (23)
[Andy I, Mon 23/03/15]    [comments (4)]

Marathons and Halves - Catch-Up
Belated news from the Barcelona Marathon, where Anna Riu blasted a 3:24 PB, and Clare Garvey followed up with a sharp 3:39 - really classy racing by both. And whilst catching up on the news of the Long Stuff, hats off to Dan Hurst for his 16th place (1:22) in the Newton's Fraction Half up in Lincs, to Kieran O'Holleran for PB-ing with 1:24 over the same distance in Alloa, and to Ian Richardson, yet another PB, 2:19 in the Essex 20. Seems like the whole club is in seriously good endurance nick.
Zurich Marató de Barcelona:  Results (2)
Newton’s Fraction Half Marathon:  Results (1)
Alloa Half Marathon:  Results (1)
Essex 20:  Results (1)
[Andy I, Mon 23/03/15]    [comments (1)]

Silverstone Half Marathon
A few of us made the journey to the Silverstone Half Marathon on the weekend. Chris Poole, Michael Hartley and myself crossed the line within a few minutes of each other. In addition to this it was a pleasure to meet Will Mycroft who casually informed us he'd won the race sporting the blue and white vest - go Will!

This was a great race which is incredibly well organised for a race consisting of 7000 runners. The course is flat and the atmosphere is fun. If you miss out on a place for Cambridge half I would recommend this as an alternative.
Silverstone Half Marathon:  Results (4)
[StacyW, Mon 16/03/15]    [comments (1)]

Cross Country News
A round up of the action over the last two weeks can be found by clicking here. Two of our junior men were representing the South of England in the Home Counties International in Antrim, N. Ireland.

There's one last opportunity to run cross country next Sunday at Ryston Grand Prix. If you have finished the 5K and 9K course then run next weekend to complete the series with a 6.5K. The series prize giving will be held at the village hall after the race. Refreshments available.

Make a note of Tuesday 14th April in your diary - Club Night will be combined with the Cross Country Awards Evening. Cross country is a team sport and C&C have a lot to celebrate this season. (8pm onwards - the bar will be open).
[Helen, Sun 15/03/15]    [comments (2)]

Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon. !
. Thank you to everyone who helped make the fourth Cambridge half marathon another great success! Runners , volunteers and spectators...C and C did Cambridge proud.
[Benvenuto Baldelli, Sun 08/03/15]    [comments (1)]

Cambridge Half After Party
I have booked a table for 20 at the Old Spring for a lunch/celebration after the Cambridge Half this Sunday. Please list below if you would like to be one of the "elect". It sounded like it was going to be very busy for some reason! The places are booked for 12.30.

Details for pub: http://www.theoldspring.co.uk
[Nev, Wed 04/03/15]    [comments (4)]

Frostbite League - BRJ
Frostbite League - BRJ:  Results (6)
[Andy I, Tue 03/03/15]    [comments (0)]

The Cambridge Boundary Run
On Sunday the 2015 edition of The Cambridge Boundary Run saw some changes whilst keeping-up some favoured old traditions. The changes were a shift in the start to the new University Sports Centre on the West Cambridge Site and a course taking an anti-clockwise route. The tradition of setting a tough course designed to catch-out the under-prepared was, however, splendidly maintained. The day started bright and sunny with the promise of a strong headwind over the finishing 5 miles. The combination of headwind, mud and the only hill in Cambridge all in the last 5 miles was genius and combined with some carefully discrete route markings made the 2015 event a real classic - in a good way. It was all very well judged! The preliminary results have been posted, but still contain some 'issues'. The leading group, not C&Cers, are missing from the top of the list since they decided to make the marathon into an ultra, and as a result C&C did rather well!
The Boundary Run:  Results (17)
[Christof Schwiening, Mon 02/03/15]    [comments (6)]

Frostbite Friendly League
The last race in this 5mile multi-terrain league is Sunday at Hinchingbrooke Park. Flat and fast in comparison to the recent cross country fixtures. Juniors run 1.5miles. Click here for more details.
[Helen, Thu 26/02/15]    [comments (0)]

English National Cross Country Championships
The results from today's race at Parliament Hill can be found here.
[Helen, Sat 21/02/15]    [comments (0)]

Debunking the physiological myths of endurance running - Wednesday 25th February 7:30-9:30pm
The talk will be given by Dr Dan Gordon from Anglia Ruskin University’s Human Energetics and Performance Centre in Cambridge. Dan is currently Principal Lecturer of Exercise Physiology and Course Leader for Sports Science, but has also acted as a consultant to the UK: Athletics Paralympic team.

The talk is being organised by the GCAN (the Greater Cambridge Athletics Network) and is open to all members of GCAN clubs – both coaches and runners.

To book onto the course please email Julie Pashley julie.pashley@gcan.org.uk

The venue is LAB 109, The Lord Ashcroft Building, Anglia Ruskin University, East Street, Cambridge.
[Bernard Shannon, Thu 19/02/15]    [comments (0)]

Barcelona Half Marathon
A fantastic day for C&C when 13 lucky athletes ran in the Barcelona HM. The race lived up to its fast reputation as Florence Kiplagat broke the world half-marathon record with a 1.05.09, 3 seconds faster than last year in the same event. Tom assured us he tried to keep up with Florence and still managed to finish with an awesome 1.09 PB in 26th. Tom there's always next year! John Uff was the next in for C&C with 1.18 after suffering from a dicky stomach for several days, Neil Tween smashed his PB with a 1.26 :), Nev & Rob followed, then 4 PB's from Chris N, Dan K, Bernie & Chris H. After that Paula, Rich L and Vic Coe while Rachael L finished off the PB tally. I would also like to thank our support team of Jen, Katie and Anne :). It was a great weekend all round as everyone enjoyed one of Europe's best cities whilst competing in a world record breaking race.
Barcelona Half Marathon:  Results (13)
[Bernard Shannon, Wed 18/02/15]    [comments (3)]

Baldock Beast Half Marathon
Who hath slain the mighty Beast of Baldock? Ben Baldelli and Ellen Leggate, that's who. Third and fourth places in their respective races for two of our best athletes, with second and first category places respectively. Ben ran 1:17 and Ellen 1:32, and I am highly impressed. No clubs listed in the results, so add yourself if I've missed you.
Baldock Beast Half Marathon:  Results (2)
[Andy I, Mon 16/02/15]    [comments (2)]

Stamford St Valentine's 30K
Having partly recovered from the post-Valentine's ménage à cinq-cent quatre-vingt-sept for road runners at Stamford yesterday (though retaining some residual chafing and soreness), I'm now able to report briefly on the goings-on. As you no doubt know (or should find out), this is a beautiful race on a rural course in South Lincs and Rutland - skylarks, red kites and all - but it rolls, and keeps on rolling, ready to trap the unknowing who push a little too hard early on. A fine gauge of marathon fitness and ability to sustain personal suffering. That said, we all survived, and some survived magnificently, most notably Ian Richardson, whose 2:06 is beyond my imagining (second V50 too), and Ultra Katie Samuelson, with a 2:12 for twelfth place. What's more, everyone except me (2:35), Carmel McEniery (2:36), Paul Jones (2:30) and Ultra Darren Gillman (2:19) picked up PBs - well done Stacy Wheat (2:29), Stuart Matthews (2:31), Chris Poole (2:31), Sam Lewsey (2:37), Iona Graham Hagg (2:50) and Dan Bayles (3:51). Red roses all round.
Stamford Striders St Valentine's 30k:  Results (12)
[Andy I, Mon 16/02/15]    [comments (1)]

Ryston Grand Prix Race 5
Just three regulars this month. All vet men. Well done for continuing to fly the C&C flag. Click here for results.
[Helen, Sun 15/02/15]    [comments (0)]

St Neot's Half Marathon Entries Open Saturday 14th February
Entries open at 6am tomorrow Saturday 14th February for the HM which takes place on Sunday 15th November 2015. In 2014, the race was full up within a few hours.

Entry is at http://nicetrievents.com/events/st-neots-half-marathon/

An explanation from a Riverside runner is that its been run by Riverside Runners with the same race director Helen for years and she has decided to hand it over. Nicetri events is run by Keith who is a lifelong riverside member who has vast experience in organising tri events and running events and has offered to take over the organisation.

To cope with the increased number of entrants (1,500) there will be some road closures, and there will be a transfer system in place until 6 weeks prior to the event.
[Dave Mail, Fri 13/02/15]    [comments (1)]

Brighton Marathon Places - any takers?!
Hi all, looking for a marathon place?! The fantastic charity I work for Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT) has a limited amount of places for The Brighton Marathon on 12th April. If you have been training and haven't managed to bag yourself an entry into a mara then this is the one for you! Having ran it previously I know that it is an awesome race! respond on here if you would like to run for ACT and I will put you in touch with my colleague. p.s. £300 minimum sponsorship. Thanks Carla x
[Carla Brown, Thu 12/02/15]    [comments (0)]

club night tonight (10th)
Our delayed club night gathering will now be in the Granta pub tonight after training. Get the mist out of your bones in relaxed surroundings. All welcome.
[charlie, Tue 10/02/15]    [comments (0)]

Track closed tonight, Tuesday 3rd February
Just heard from the University that the track will be closed tonight. The snow isn't expected to melt except to get a watery sheen and then it's predicted to freeze again later. The paths around the West site and track are likely to be much the same. The city centre is usually better in times like this.
[Neil, Tue 03/02/15]    [comments (0)]

Frostbite Requiem
Sad news of an all-time worst performance in the Frostbite League, on the muddy trails of Bourne Woods. Not to say the nine of us didn't do the vest credit; on a freezing, swamplike, windblown course the performances were epic, but the bare facts are that we were second-last yesterday, with just PACTRAC behind us (oddly, they provided the race winner) and a yawning gap to our next rivals. Nine not being a team, we gained some penalty points, but the problem was the epic scale of the C&C no-show. On the plus side, we all scored, so hats doffed sombrely and an alphabetic roll of honour to Russell Atkinson (quickest C&C in 53rd), Diana Braverman, Michael Brentnall, Ben Chamberlain (twice representing the club in two days), Clare Hall, Barbara Hughes, Andy Irvine, Carmel McEniery (first C&C female) and Mick Ward. The memorial will be carved accordingly. Fortunately no children were there to witness it.
Frostbite League - Bourne:  Results (9)
[Andy I, Mon 02/02/15]    [comments (11)]

Watford Half Marathon
I completely failed to clock that our Victoria Knight won this big event today until I saw the results -- I trailed in a little later, somewhat the worse for wear after the repeated sharp hills and hideous headwind in the first half... all good marathon training though!
Watford Half Marathon:  Results (2)
[CharlieW, Sun 01/02/15]    [comments (2)]

Essex League Team Results
C&C take 6 of the 10 team titles. 34 individuals completed the league i.e. finished 4 of 5 races. We've come a long way in three seasons. In 2012-13, 8 individuals completed the league. Click here to read more.
[Helen, Sun 01/02/15]    [comments (0)]

Help for club's 10k and Cambridge half marathon
We have two local road races coming up which need the club’s help. Please look at the requests below and help if you can, particularly for the club's 10k which is an important event for us.
[Neil, Sun 01/02/15]    [comments (0)]

Essex League Race 5 - Saturday 31st January
A report by Ric Park can be found here. The individual results will be posted as soon as practicable. Very well done to all those who turned out in the snowy conditions. Lots of individual and overall team victories. Come back next year to retain your title and/or secure more.
[Helen, Sat 31/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Frostbite - Sunday 1st February
The fifth of the Frostbite league races takes place on Sunday 1st February in Bourne, Lincolnshire, which is approximately an hour's drive from Cambridge. It would be great to see as many C & C runners (junior and senior) at this event. As usual, juniors start at 10:15 with the seniors at 11am. If you can offer a lift or need a lift, then I suggest meeting at the track at 9am.
Unfortunately, I am unable to make it to this event so as Andy recently mentioned, if anyone would be willing to score for both races, please let me know as soon as possible so I can advise you on the process.
Full details, including directions can be found on the Frostbite website.
[Adam Poole, Tue 27/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Enduring times
The February edition of Enduring Times, the C&C newsletter for road runners, is now online.
[ClaireS, Tue 27/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Essex league Race 5 - Saturday 31st January
The fifth and final event of the season will be at Abbey Fields (not Hilly Fields) Colchester. If you have run three already then consider running this one to be ranked in the individual league tables. It's the best of 4. Click here for more details.
[Helen, Sun 25/01/15]    [comments (0)]

South of England XC Championships 2015
The results from this event at Stanmer Park, Brighton can be found here. Very well done to all those who made it this year - especially the senior men who ran 15K!!!! The longest event on the XC calendar.
[Helen, Sun 25/01/15]    [comments (1)]

Preview run for Cambridge Cambourne 10k
This is the club's main public race offering and we're having a preview run for interested people on Sunday at 11.00 from Cambourne Business Park. It's likely to be a relatively slow run round the course, after which we hope lots of people will enter the race. Please come along if you'd like to join us. Ollie, Beth and Neil will be leading.
[Neil, Wed 21/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Brass Monkey Half
News from Oop North of an excellent 1:38 PB for Sam Lewsey at the Brass Monkey Half in York - nice one Sam!
Brass Monkey Half Marathon:  Results (1)
[Andy I, Wed 21/01/15]    [comments (1)]

Ryston Grand Prix Race 4
The results from last Sunday and a race report by Charlie Ritchie can be found here.
[Helen, Tue 20/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Folksworth 15
It's an eternal mystery why we rarely get more than a handful of C&Cs at the Folksworth 15, a beautiful, rural race hosted by our Yaxley pals and just 40 minutes up the road, but perhaps it's true what they say about Cambridge folk and hill-aversion. Anyway, five of us strode forth on a perfect race day with the usual mixed bag of intentions, from marathon long run training to chasing a quick time, or perhaps chasing an optimistic time then blowing up. Most speedful was the most-improving (is it possible to win that prize two years in a row?) Ian Richardson, 52nd in 1:43, with Neil Tween (1:52) not far down the road and holding back. Hill Six killed me off (2:00+), though I was a brave boy and didn't cry, but Carmel McEniery (2:08) and Iona Graham Hagg (2:14) finished strongly to suggest all's well on the London trail. Do this race next year, seriously!
Folksworth 15:  Results (5)
[Andy I, Mon 19/01/15]    [comments (8)]

South of England XC Championships 2015
An email has been sent out to all those who requested a club paid entry for this event at Stamner Park, Brighton on Saturday 24th January. If you did not received this email or the details from Ric Park, please contact Helen Grant asap.
If you cannot run remember it is club policy to send an apology by email to Helen before the start time of your race. If not you will be asked to repay the fee of £7.00 to the club.
Thank you
[Helen, Sat 17/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Christof's Marathon Algorithm
Inspired by a fascinating theory session with our excellent marathon experts at the club night on Tuesday, I've knocked up a marathon calculator based on the paper which Christof brought to our attention, in which marathon performance could be accurately predicted from just two pieces of information; training mileage and average training pace (both over the final eight weeks before the race). Just follow the "Performance Calculator" link on the left, or, if you're lazy, click here. Thanks to Christof, Beth, Charlie and Neil for a very stimulating evening.
[Andy I, Sat 17/01/15]    [comments (9)]

Nick Anderson GB Coach - Marathon Talk
Following on from this weeks Club Night where Beth, Charlie & Christof shared their insights to training & running a marathon . Here's another event which will build on what you heard or if you missed this week.
Nick Anderson is a GB Coach and 'official' advisor for the Brighton Marathon this year.
If you want to attend drop Julie an email.
Wednesday 21st January 2015 7-9pm
Nick Anderson Marathon workshop
The Meadows Community Centre, St Catherine’s Road, Cambridge CB4 3XJ
Julie Pashley - Network Activator
Email: julie.pashley@gcan.org.uk
[Bernard Shannon, Thu 15/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Club Night Tonight (Tuesday 13th)
In case you haven't heard, Club Night tonight in the clubhouse after training is a Marathon Special, with three of our marathon runners sharing their perspectives on this unique experience. Bar open for drinks and light refreshments as usual, all welcome, please look in.
[charlie, Tue 13/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Essex League Race 4
The results from Saturday's race and a report with the overall team positions in the league can be found here.
[Helen, Mon 12/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Frostbite League - March
Individual results are in from the March Frostbite (no, that's March the place, I'm not clairvoyant). And good things happened, though not perhaps in great numbers, so overall we didn't place too highly (final scores to be confirmed when published). Report below.
Heroic team manager Adam can't be results collator next month (and, having again driven a huge distance without even getting to run, he probably deserves a break anyway), so if you or a relative/friend/acquaintance is prepared to take the numbers at the finish up at Bourne, please get in touch.
Frostbite League - March AC:  Results (19)  Report: Andy I
[Andy I, Mon 12/01/15]    [comments (6)]

Essex League Race 4 - Saturday 10th January

Epping Plain for Juniors & Epping Forest for Seniors.

The Dec. & Jan. venues were swopped after I made the fixture list. Please see the Essex League Facebook page for more details as I haven't been sent any yet. I will post them on the Essex League webpage as soon as I get any.
[Helen, Sun 04/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Cambridgeshire County XC Championships 2015
The full results can be found by clicking here once they have been posted.
[Helen, Sun 04/01/15]    [comments (0)]

New Year's Day
All was definitely not quiet on New Year's Day. After the mass assault on Ely to see out the old year, twenty-odd (extremely odd, in fact) C&Cs took on two parkruns in one morning, at Huntingdon and Peterborough (specifically staggered by 90 minutes or so to attract the crazies). And the Ely/Wymondham New Year's double was duly completed by the usual suspects too. I hope everyone has now caught up on any alcohol they may have missed. Happy New Year to all!
Huntingdon parkrun:  Results (20)
Peterborough parkrun:  Results (23)
Wymondham New Year's Day 10K:  Results (3)
[Andy I, Fri 02/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Late 2014 Roundup
Catching up on the last hurrahs of the 2014 competitive scene, we had some fine racing at the Buntingford 10 and the Waterside 5. The former saw some exceptional feats at the sharp end, with our Victoria Knight taking a superb victory in 59:37. Particularly praiseworthy amongst the chaps, both with sub-60s, were Duncan Coombs, fourth in 58:13, and Matt Slater, sixth in 59:17. For the epic exploits of the rest of our squad of 16, check the full results. Our smaller four-man team at St Neots ran wonderfully too, and it's particularly good to see Tom Johnson take quickest C&C honours after his long injury struggle. Great running everyone.
[Andy I, Fri 02/01/15]    [comments (0)]

Ely New Year's Eve 10K
The C&C army fielded a battalion of no less than 50 for this sunny if chilly club favourite. Stand-out result was 3rd place for Zoe MacDonald, with category prizes for Katie, Mary and Alex too.
[CharlieW, Fri 02/01/15]    [comments (1)]

Cambridgeshire County XC Championships 2015
An email has been sent out to all those who requested a club paid entry to this event on Sunday 4th January. If you didn't receive this email & it's not in your SPAM box please contact Helen (XC Rep.) asap.

All apologies should be sent by email to Helen prior to the start time of your race. Failure to do so will mean repayment of your entry fee to the club. That's club policy for all xc championship events.

Thank you & good luck on Sunday.
[Helen, Tue 30/12/14]    [comments (0)]

C&C Boxing Day Run - Results
Results are in - full results below (thanks, Noel).
Happy Christmas!
[Andy I, Fri 26/12/14]    [comments (3)]

Pre- and post- Pisa pizza
I have eaten rather a lot of Pisa pizza - I hope that Richard Staley, Chris Hurcomb, Chris Poole, George Schwiening and Kevin O'Holleran have too. Splendid performances from the C&C International Endurance Team - and some decent running too - at the Pizza City marathon.
[Christof Schwiening, Sun 21/12/14]    [comments (7)]

Site Glitches
Just a quick note - there have been some problems with editing/submitting large sets of data to the site (particularly the Jingle Mile recently, and now the Frostbite). This might also affect large race reports, and will definitely prevent photo uploads. For now be very careful and save as you go! The problem has been reported to the hosting company (after extensive proof was needed!), and the ball is in their court.

UPDATE - I think all is working now, hugely thanks to Sameer M at Hostpapa, who continued to resist the temptation to write me off as a loony. If you do experience any problems (beyond the usual!), let me know.
[Andy I, Mon 15/12/14]    [comments (7)]

Cross Country News
This weekend we had athletes representing our club, county & country in Hinchingbrooke, Shouldham Warren, Oxford & Samokav, Bulgaria. Click here to find out who went where & how they did.
[Helen, Sun 14/12/14]    [comments (2)]

Running shoes and apparel

Just to let you know that I have recently started working at Sweatshop Cambridge.

Please let me know what you would like to see Sweatshop provide for your running.

Sweatshop annually gets Runnersworld awards for best retailer nationally.

But are we doing our best for you locally?.

Sweatshop Cambridge is located at the end of Coldhams Lane, by the airfield, and just inside the David Lloyd leisure center.

Tnx, Mary
Mary Jennings
[Mary J, Mon 08/12/14]    [comments (1)]

Essex League Race 3
For a round up of all the action at Great Notley on Saturday, click here. It was fast & furious!!!!!
[Helen, Sun 07/12/14]    [comments (1)]

Cambridge Cambourne 10K 2015 entries open today
Hi All, Cambridge Cambourne 10K 2015 entries open today! Hurrah! 12th April 2015 :-) See you there!
Lovely mixed terrain race and supporting Jimmy's Cambridge who provide emergency accommodation & support all year round and on nights like last night!
[BethJ, Wed 03/12/14]    [comments (0)]

Cross Country Results
A round up of the action by members who took part in the British Athletics Cross Challenge in Liverpool and the EVAC Cross Country Championships in Kettering can be found here. Be inspired to have a go next year.
[Helen, Sun 30/11/14]    [comments (1)]

I've been told race 3 on Saturday 6th December is now at Great Notley Country Park, Braintree.

Click here for details.

Don't go to Epping Forest!!!!!!!!
[Helen, Sun 30/11/14]    [comments (0)]

Pilates sessions - instructor?
We're thinking of organising a weekly pilates session. If you are, or you know of someone who is, a pilates instructor and would like to apply to provide this, please contact me (csomerton@live.co.uk) and I will send over details. Thanks.
[ClaireS, Sun 30/11/14]    [comments (0)]

Rocky Steps marathon
After a year of boring many of you with a multitude of niggly foot and lower leg injuries I finally have a race report to file. My glass legs survived the Philadelphia marathon at the weekend!
[Alastair Hodges, Thu 27/11/14]    [comments (5)]

Last call for the South of England Cross Country Championships
The deadline for club paid entries to this event at Stamner Park, Brighton on Saturday 24th January is tomorrow (28th Nov.). If you like hills off road this is place for you. Senior men 15K & senior women 8K. An opportunity for you to stand on the start line with some of the best in south of England. Click here to request your place.
[Helen, Thu 27/11/14]    [comments (7)]

Hereward Relay
Well, it was wet. Wet and slippy. Very wet and very slippy. Nevertheless it was a very good day out for C&C. A few of us were fortunate enough to have got the first leg - short and tarmac (except for the finishing corner where runners were forced to do an impression of Bambi on ice). Some of us took detours - John 'Can't get' En'Uff - others simply ran Egg'cellently. It was great fun and a splendidly organized event - many thanks March Athletics Club (Stephen) and Claire for putting our teams together. I am so glad they didn't allow the Ultra this year......
[Christof Schwiening, Mon 24/11/14]    [comments (4)]

Essex League & Ryston GP Results
A round up of this weekend's action on the country can be found here. C&C continue to lead the junior field in Essex.
[Helen, Sun 16/11/14]    [comments (0)]
Random photo   [another!]

Relieved post race smiles
(Wix 5 mile 2011)
(pic: Jonathan)
Random photo   [another!]

Mandy early in the race
(Derbyshire 2008)
(pic: Madhuri)
Random photo   [another!]

(St Ives 10K 2008)
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