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401 marathons in 401 days
A runner called Ben Smith is running 401 marathons in 401 days for charity. He'll be in Cambridge on 5th and 6th December. I've been helping him think about his route and he'll be using the County running loops drawn up by Steve Thoday See link. They all start at the track end of the Coton footpath. He'd appreciate some company. His support team have asked me to give the info in 'read more'
[Neil, Tue 24/11/15] [comments (0)]

Frostbite - Adrian Jarvis
I am not sure how many C & C members are aware but for those who are familiar with the races and more importantly, the long standing chairperson/secretary, Adrian Jarvis. It is with very sad news that Adrian passed away on November 10th, following a very short and unsuccessful battle with a brain tumour.
[Adam Poole, Mon 16/11/15] [comments (1)]

Eight times round an airfield
They call it the Autumn ‘Shakespeare’ Marathon, jamming off the proximity to Stratford-on Avon. Driving in in the Profmobile, the old airfield had more in common with King Lear’s ‘blasted heath’ than the Brave New World which Miranda awoke to in The Tempest. A ‘blasted heath’ of the dystopian, post-apocalyptic kind, as if it were the film set for Mad Max V: beyond Thunder Run. Entering the menacingly retro prefab cabin to pick up race numbers, I expected to be welcomed by Linda Hamilton/Sarah Connor and offered hi-tech weaponry to aid the fight back against the machines, so reminiscent was it of a landscape from the Terminator sequence.

The race was started through disembodied loudspeakers by a woman who I am sure described herself as Auntie, making me wonder if Tina Turner would appear at the finish demanding that we grovel at her feet.

The angular, switch-back riddled course felt as though it was designed to skirt round weapon dumps or minefields. We ran along pitted, pot-holed tracks, with the ghostly hulks of old warplanes looming over us. The final leg took us along a Dragster track, laid with sticky latex for maximum traction. The Prof pronounced one bit of straight smooth tarmac his favourite: that was the part of the course, which really did echo to the sound of gunfire. I thought it was clay pigeons but he was sure they were picking off the slower runners one by one, in a perverse version of Hunger Games.

For me this was the climax of a training effort that stretched back to the Saffron Kevin Henry race in late May, where The Prof remarked that my effort that evening was all very well but it was now time to get on with some proper training and he would pace me at Raceways if I did. So through the summer I built up mileage, culminating in eight straight weeks of 100km each. Having learned the word ‘optimization’ from The Prof earlier in the year, I tried to see what it looked like in practice, which meant some sweaty runs (‘train warm, race cool’) and new trousers (‘every pound off means X seconds gained’).

As we ran round eight times round this irregular coat-hanger of a course, the ghosts of Battle of Britain sorties and Cold War tensions may have swirled around us in the wind and rain, but my mind was firmly set on nothing other than sticking to The Prof like a five year old with its mum at parkrun. All I had to do was provide heart rate updates every half minute and glue myself to his coat tails. He was never more generous than on the windy sections where he insisted that I run in his shadow.

The training and The Prof’s spreadsheets had given me a lot of confidence but I had one lingering, unspoken, fear, buried deep inside. At London earlier in the year, all had gone well until around 34km when someone injected my hips and glutes with sulphuric acid and my pace fell off a cliff. Would that happen again? There was no way from the training for me to know. Just a few days before, I read Duel in the Sun – an account of the 1982 Boston Marathon and the famous head to head between Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley. I was struck that one of the things that made Salazar the greatest marathon runner of his day was his capacity to live with pain. Perhaps I can just live with it, I thought.

On Saturday, sure enough the glute and hip pain started to nag from about 30km, a progressive, frog-in-a-kettle, kind of agony, building in gently rising waves of nerve scream as though someone was slowly turning up the dial as in the Yale University Migram torture experiments. Actually The Prof was slowly turning up the dial as our speed was rising – I think he may need to submit his pacing strategy to a CnC ethics committee in the future.

Perhaps because I wasn’t going to unman myself in front of The Prof, perhaps because I felt I owed it to him to keep going, perhaps because I remembered Salazar, we pressed on, gently accelerating, even though the wind rose and the drizzle restarted and the agony intensified.

Towards the end I did find myself several times drifting more than the parkrun regulation arms length away from my escorting adult; but I clenched whatever teeth I could still feel and pulled myself alongside again. We turned the final corner onto the dragster track. It wasn’t exactly 0-100mph in 3.1 seconds but headphones now in, Led Zep blasting and the finish in sight, I found a final post-apocalyptic, dystopian, self-dramatizing well of energy within, rather than the ‘Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing’ of Lear’s Cordelia, which I had been fearing, and sprint-stumbled along the wet and sticky latex like a carthorse that has one final fantasy of running at Newmarket, or a dragster that has been sitting out in the rain for a decade but has a last blast in its engine. Two minutes of crazy-disinhibited ecstatic-agonised free-sprinting later the adventure ended. Result: 3:17:55. Two minutes faster than I had dared to dream.

All through the race, I had been treated to a constant stream of The Prof’s vocalized mental arithmetic and this continued uninterrupted through the finale and our return to the Profmobile to be weighed (‘you can't eat or drink anything til I’ve weighed you!’). And the maths was crucial – providing the basis for an almost straight heart rate trace as well as all sorts of comparisons and predictions to distract me from my glutes. But it wasn’t just the maths: it was his belief, his encouragement, his cajoling, and his generosity, that made this happen. My wife misread a post-race text and thought I had written that Christ had helped me round (that’s another dimension I won't go into here save to say ‘Chariots of Fire’): well, Christof isn't quite in His league, but as a marathon coach and pacer, there are little resemblances to Someone rather greater and I am very grateful to both.
The Autumn Shakespeare Marathon:  Results (2)  Report: Christof Schwiening
[Julian H, Mon 16/11/15] [comments (3)]

Cross Country
The C&C home event of the Essex Cross-Country League is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) - at present the only information I have is that it's at either Linton or Linton/Horseheath, and the races go at the times listed below. Can anyone help out with more information?
[Andy I, Fri 13/11/15] [comments (11)]

November Clubnight, Tuesday 10th at 8.15
Clubnight this month is the second Tuesday, which is the 10th, after training.

This time it's all about Fell Running. Charlie Wartnaby and Scott White will be talking about their experiences of Fell Running in the Lake District, including their conquests of the Bob Graham Round. They will also be talking about what you can do to get started if you think this is something you'd enjoy.

Bar Open!
[Nev, Fri 06/11/15] [comments (0)]

Frostbite League - Bushfield
It's an odd feeling turning out for a Frostbite now that it isn't our main competition. It feels more like a parkrun; whether or not to get out of bed on a precious weekend, whether to coast round and enjoy or to push like a lunatic - no-pressure questions, the answers to which never used to be in doubt. Still, I think everyone who made it up the A1M to Bushfield committed deeply and absolutely, and the famous vest was respected.
The juniors were utterly brilliant, and it was a joy to see them give it full beans on the home straight. Well done our squad of seven, particularly Miles Benyan (19th boy) and Ella Miels (11th girl), or quickest, with able support from Ryan Howe, Harry Miels, Joseph Wheeler, Rebecca West and Priya Maiti - a good mix of experience and new faces, earning ninth team place on the day to stay in ninth overall. Lots more to come from them in the future.
The seniors were few - just nine, and two females short of a team - but liberally smeared with talent and stardust. Patrick O'Hare was comfortably our hero of the day, taking just 26:52 to cover the five miles of a fast road course, flat aside from the inevitable Peterborough underpasses and overpasses, finishing in a stunning second place. Rather awesome too was Ellie Swire, tenth female in 33:30. Michael Moore's fine 32nd impressed mightily, and the two Dans, Hurst and Wheeler, also achieved top-100 status (73rd & 94th) in a field of 538. Kevin O'Holleran was the filling in a Dan sandwich, gamely un-knotting his 2:45-ravaged Frankfurt legs for 81st. Stuart Clarke and I (190th and 267th) claimed the coveted honour of the day's fastest Tuesday night paarlauf pair, but Gerald Meah (202nd) again kicked my arse, by a good two minutes this time, so it's the wooden spoon for me.
Penalty points for not running a full team left us in a slightly unflattering 13th place out of 17, and ninth after two events. Never mind, eh? Damn good fun, and I expect we'll give it another go next month at Huntingdon. Anyone else? That one actually is cross-country. Apart from the long tarmac sections anyway... ;-)
Frostbite League - Bushfield:  Results (16)
[Andy I, Mon 02/11/15] [comments (1)]

New York Dash to the finish 5k
The 'Dash to Finish 5k' is run on the eve of the New York marathon, and takes you through the final stages of the marathon route, to finish in Central Park. You pass some iconic New York sights like the United Nations, the Chrysler building and the Public Library, before catching the Autumn colours in the park. Holly Phipps was either 1st or 2nd in the F15-19 category (the website has both results). I hope I found all of the results for C&Cers, the website wasn't simple to search.
NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5k:  Results (5)  Report: Tim Phipps
[Tim Phipps, Mon 02/11/15] [comments (0)]

Snowdonia Marathon
Our original numbers for this race much diminished, we few survivors had it all to enjoy -- the lashing rain and wind to start, the 2,500' of hills, the final scary descent (which meant I was off having my arm repaired when I wanted to be enjoying the aftermath) -- but also the fantastic wild beauty, the terrific crowd support and comradeship of such an idiosyncratic marathon. Ace results for Darren and Ben -- who almost had the temerity to PB on this ridiculous course -- a fun but strong training race for Katie, and a great run by Liz too. I didn't quite nail it falling over twice, but was pretty happy. There are 3 contradictory sets of results out there, so take your pick... whatever. It was a marathon like no other. Mental note though, to pack the trail shoes for that last hill next time!
Snowdonia Marathon:  Results (5)  Report: CharlieW
[CharlieW, Fri 30/10/15] [comments (1)]

Frankfurt Marathon
A few of us headed-out to Frankfurt for a stab at Germany's second largest and fastest marathon. This was not an occasion for 'sand-bagging' and there were no negative splits in sight. But, Richard Staley took honours with something like an 11min PB and an 11s positive split. The relay team - Tim, Rachel, Mike and Jen - squeezed nicely under 3:30. Chris ran an optimistic first 15 km and then had plenty of time to enjoy the sights of Frankfurt! Kevin and I just ran. I lost 3.15 kg (all evaporative water loss) on the course and Kevin something like 2.6 kg - doing our usual no water, no fuel just running plan. OK, this time it failed - but, boy was it an agonizingly close fail! An epic tragedy! I recall a brief conversation towards the end where I said to Kevin - we're doing a Slater.....
Frankfurt Marathon:  Results (8)  Report: Christof Schwiening
[Christof Schwiening, Mon 26/10/15] [comments (11)]

November Clubnight
November's Clubnight will be on the SECOND TUESDAY this time. Scott White and Charlie Wartnaby will be talking about Fell Running, kit, fuel, navigation, accommodation, the Bob Graham Round, the Billy Bland Challenge and how you can get started.

8.15pm on Tuesday 10th November. All welcome.
[Nev, Mon 26/10/15] [comments (0)]

National XC relays
HELP! We are one woman short for the National XC relays on the 31st Oct in Mansfield. We have entered the largest number of teams in recent history so there will be lots of fun races to watch as well as racing yours. You DON'T need to be superquick; we have some very mixed-ability teams, so don't be afraid of being 'too slow'. Here are the details: http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/the-saucony-english…/…/
Contact Jonathan at jonathane-phillips@hotmail.com if you are interested in taking part.
[Nev, Fri 23/10/15] [comments (0)]

Eastern XC Championships incorp. EVAC XC Championships
Anyone wishing to run in this event should see the notes linked to fixture list about entering. Current EVAC members - there is no need to enter twice as long as you let the organisers know your EVAC number. The reason for there being two entry forms is the late inclusion of the EVAC event - after the Easterns entry form was advetised.
[Helen, Thu 22/10/15] [comments (0)]

Just a quick note to apologise for the lack of 'content' update lately, to thank everyone for their contributions, and to encourage you to have a go. Lots of results updating still going on in particular - thanks for that. More pressing matters to focus on - normal service should be resumed eventually!
[Andy I, Mon 19/10/15] [comments (0)]

Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon
Exciting news about new developments for the 2016 race should be in the Cambridge News on Wednesday. Those of you who have pre registered or raced before will already have received an email.
18 October
VIP entry links will be mailed out to the email address that you supplied us with when you pre registered or raced with us between 2012 - 2015
20 October, 9am
VIP entries open to everyone who pre registered or is a past participant and has a Cambridgeshire postcode
21 October, 9am
VIP entries open to everyone who pre registered or is a past participant and has a non Cambridgeshire postcode
22 October, 9am
General entries open.
Don't forget that if you're not racing you can be part of the fantastic race crew and or help me with the goody bag marathon that precedes the race.
[Benvenuto Baldelli, Mon 12/10/15] [comments (0)]

One space left on the Dovedale trip 30th Oct to 2nd Nov.
So, we are all paid up for three cottages in Wetton for the Dovedale weekend. There is still a self-contained living room, complete with couch, if anyone would still like to join us. Friday night run on the moors, Saturday morning parkrun. Saturday afternoon 10 miles over the hills, Sunday morning 4.75 miles Dovedale Dash race, Sunday afternoon short jog out to Thor's Cave.

Not forgetting a great social weekend, Friday night in the pub, Saturday Halloween night party in one of the cottages, Sunday pub lunch and back to the pub in the evening. Option of returning home Sunday evening or Monday morning. Anybody interested, let me know. (on facebook or email neville (at) highfieldhouse (dot) org )

[Nev, Thu 01/10/15] [comments (0)]

Ely Monster Run Fest 2015
As this was my ultra-debut I thought it made sense to write a short report, and it was great to see that C&C was represented in all 3 races that constituted the 'Ely Monster Run Fest'.

The events kicked off on a gloriously crisp & sunny morning with Ely cathedral towering above the start/finish line. The events were well-staggered, with the ultra starting at 8am, followed by the marathon at 9am and half-marathon at 10am.

First up credit must go to lightning-fast Sam Lewsey, not only managing to shake off a 'stinking cold' and complete the marathon, but she also won the women's event - a remarkable achievement which must have taken real guts. Sam finished in 3:39 and was ably assisted by pacemaker extraordinaire Ian Richardson.

In the half-marathon event Rodrigo Santos managed an impressive 3rd place overall with a time of 1:29. His achievement was only bettered by what can only be described as the best finish line photo ever!

In the ultra event, a daunting 68k (approx 42 miles) lay before me, my longest ever race to date. The course mostly followed bike route 11 all the way to Cambridge and back, with large sections going along the river and the fens. The conditions were perfect for running, with a cloudless sunny sky but a nice gentle breeze so it never felt too hot. I made a strong start that was mostly fuelled by instinct - all ideas of pacing seemed to go out the window & I seemed to just run as long as I felt comfortable. This refusal to see common sense and a rapidly rising heart-rate led to a hellish last 12 miles - not helped by tight hamstrings & stomach cramps - but mostly due to gung-ho pacing that backfired horribly! Nonetheless I managed to reach the finish just beyond my sub-6hrs target and can reflect on an enjoyable, low-key first foray into the world of ultra-running.

Monster Racing yet again delivered an excellent series of events which was well marshalled and supported throughout. I'm not sure if I'll do another ultra again, but I've certainly learnt another hard lesson about pacing!
Ely Monster Marathon 2015:  Results (4)  Report: Nick O
[Nick O, Tue 29/09/15] [comments (2)]

Round Norfolk Relay
Another successful year for C&C at the Round Norfolk Relay! The CACa team won the Club class, and came 4th overall (54 teams in total). The CACb team came 7th in the Open class and 17th overall.
The race website states that the RNR is "The ultimate club challenge and a unique experience." So you don't win the Club category trophy just by putting out a few quick runners. The support and timekeepers are vital in keeping the whole operation going throughout the day and night and just one runner not at their start can invalidate all the great efforts before them, so it takes everybody to pull it off!
This was also our first year marshalling a changeover point at Wissington.
Above all it is immense crazy fun! Race report to follow.
The Birketts Round Norfolk Relay:  Results (34)
[Kris, Tue 22/09/15] [comments (3)]

Harvest Trail
Ha! We laugh at your national-class relay wins and your days and nights scaling mountainous terrain at impossible speeds. What separates a true runner from the wannabes is the challenge of Royston Heath, and specifically the feared Harvest Trail. Boasting options of a frightening quarter-marathon and an unimaginably-far half-marathon, this one covers horrendously pretty rolling hills of vertiginous nature, some over 100m high, and sickeningly rural and idyllic country trails. It is quite hard, honest. Jon Anderson may not be a convert, but he translated his road form pretty well, snaffling seventh in the half, whilst Adam Poole, Dave Mail, Paul Jones and I did our best to keep up. Alex Downie starred in the quarter with an impressive eighth place, challenged hard by Carol Stanier and Diana Braverman. I really needed the cake at the end, is all I'm saying. Relays and lakeland ultras? Kids' stuff.
Follow the link for Dave's excellent report for a real taste of an excellent race.
The Harvest Trail:  Results (8)  Report: Dave Mail
[Andy I, Tue 22/09/15] [comments (1)]

Miraculous feet at Aldershot
Can I draw your attention (before you see it in Athletics Weekly) to our awesome Women? At the South of England Road Relays they performed the near miraculous feat of beating the whole of the South of England including Aldershot, Farnham & District and Bedford & County to win a trophy that dwarfs the RNR Club cup. I was jogging around Norfolk at the time, but may be Mark or Rich could fill in the gaps?
South of England Athletics Association Road Relays:  Results (10)
[Christof Schwiening, Mon 21/09/15] [comments (4)]

Lakeland 100 (a rather belated update!)
Yet another lake district race report! We should relocate Cambridge 250 miles north west...

Back at the end of July Katie and I continued our 7 year obsession with the Lakeland 100. Having blasted around the 50 for the last two years Katie was ready for another crack at the 100 (despite having been cursing for the previous 12 months after I convinced her to have another go!). I was hoping to build on last year with a time I was happy with.

To cut a long story short (Katie has blogged a *very* long story on her Fetcheveryone account) Katie completed her first 100 miler, and almost certainly the hardest 100 in the UK, in 37:40:19. Job well done :-)

I managed a run I was reasonably happy with to bring it home in 32:56:??. Neither the sub 30 stretch target or the sub 32 target I was hoping for, but still a PB by over five hours, and I doubt I'll ever get to say that again!

After 7 years at the event we're not running it in 2016 but supporting instead. The itch is already starting to need scratching though, so I wouldn't be surprised if we are back in 2017. I still want that sub 30!
[flanker, Wed 16/09/15] [comments (3)]

Lakes Sky Ultra
Another epic mountain adventure! See attached race report for the Lakes Sky Ultra, finishing time 10hrs 43 min.
Lakes Sky Ultra:  Results (1)  Report: Scott
[Scott, Sun 13/09/15] [comments (3)]

Rab Mini Mountain Marathon
After a thorough baptism of fire (thanks Scott) into the joys and challenges of fellrunning I decided to challenge my legs and my brain with a navigational race. I chose the Rab Mini Mountain Marathon, round three of four (there is one more at the end of November in the Peaks - www.minimountainmarathon.co.uk
... to see more of Katie's report, follow the link!
Rab Mini Mountain Marathon:  Results (0)  Report: godders
[godders, Tue 08/09/15] [comments (2)]

Up and Running Bank Holiday discount
I've been asked to pass on the following message from the guys at the Up and Running shop

It's always good when members drop in to talk running, tell us about local events - the good ones, the tough ones
and the aspirational ones.

So we'd just like to let you know that we really appreciate the connections we have with your club
and delighted that your members, can benefit from 20% off full price products and get stocked up ready for Autumn training. BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND is double discount for club members with id.
Friday 28th August to Monday 31st August.
[Chris Newell, Fri 28/08/15] [comments (0)]

Rudolph Run
Looking for a fun family event on your doorstep? Celebrate Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust's (ACT) 10th anniversary and take part in a sponsored 10k (5K available too.) I work for ACT and we have a variety of fundraising events. This is one of the best ones in our calender! Entries are open NOW and I would love to see lots of you there enjoying the event, raising some cash for patients and doing some speedy running!
[Carla Brown, Fri 28/08/15] [comments (0)]

Next Tuesday road training session (1 September) is a 5k handicap race
It will use the new Kevin Henry course to be run on the Thursday of the week after so if you want a pre-race trial run this is your chance! I have put handicap times on the FB C&C Endurance runners group page so to avoid duplication please check there or leave a comment below if you are not on Facebook but would like your handicap time in advance of the session. See you Tuesday.
[Emma Buckland, Wed 26/08/15] [comments (0)]

Message from Alan Baldock
Alan has asked me to pass on this message:
"I just want to thank everybody for their cards, good wishes and facebook messages in wishing me well after an untimely heart attack. I am now on the mend and look forward to seeing you all on the 10th at the Kevin Henry home match when I will be offering words of wisdom".
[Neil, Mon 24/08/15] [comments (0)]

Peterborough 5K News
There is an excellent set of midweek 5Ks in and around Peterborough, drawing some of the best racers of the region, so it's a particularly impressive achievement to take a category win in the five-race series. Huge congratulations therefore to Giulio Cinque for doing just that. The season rounds off with the stand-alone Barney Memorial 5K at Ferry Meadows, and a cluster of C&C quicks (and one not-so-quick) thrashed it round the lakes one last time - check the link for details. Well done all.
Barney Memorial 5K:  Results (5)
[Andy I, Mon 24/08/15] [comments (0)]

Team Gold Medal for Mary!
Congratulations to Mary Twitchett on her world class run at the World Masters Half Marathon Championships in Lyon, France last Sunday. Fourth in the world in her age group and second scorer for the GB. Great running Mary.
World Masters Half Marathon Championship 2015:  Results (1)
[Helen, Tue 18/08/15] [comments (4)]

Sahara Challenge
If you fancy participating in this event in March 2016, GLL, the company that manage Parkside & Abbey Pools & Jesus Green Lido are putting together a team. Anyone interested should contact Sarah or Christina at Parkside. The GLL team will be in support of Arthur Rank Hospital Charity, for those with terminal illness. Click here for full details. You can always enter yourself but GLL will help to pay your way. I'm not doing the event but I can put you in touch with appropriate people in GLL before 1st September.
[Helen, Sun 09/08/15] [comments (0)]

Million mile light
I get lots of promotional stuff as C&C chair and much of it is rubbish. This looks interesting; it's a light which is powered by running - soon to be launched. Might be useful for the long runs on dark nights.
[Neil, Wed 05/08/15] [comments (0)]

Kevin Henry - after race social.
After Kevin Henry Thursday evening. Meet at the "Five Miles From Anywhere" pub in Upware, I've let them know we are coming. Not formal dining, rather bar meals.
About 15 minutes from the KH venue.

Five Miles From Anywhere
Old School Ln, Upware, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 5ZR
Kevin Henry Race 5 - Ely RC:  Results (53)
[Nev, Wed 05/08/15] [comments (0)]

Enduing Times - August
Here's the latest edition of Enduring Times with a great interview with Katie Samuelson aka ‘Ultra Katie’ plus lots more!
[Bernard Shannon, Tue 04/08/15] [comments (0)]

Borrowdale Fell Race
Yet another flatlander fell adventure, with a cheesy video... see race report.
Borrowdale Fell Race:  Results (1)  Report: CharlieW
[CharlieW, Tue 04/08/15] [comments (5)]

Call for help for our home Kevin Henry event
We will be hosting the Kevin Henry 5k Series event at Wilberforce Road on Thursday 10th September 2015. To lay this event on efficiently we need about 24 helpers. This will include lead bike, tail runner, timer, scorer, funnel manager, tokens, car parkers and marshals. I would be grateful if you could FB message me or email me on chris@hirky.wanadoo.co.uk if you or any of your friends or family could help. Everyone will get full instructions on the day. Could you also state what time you could get there, as I could do with a few pairs of hands as early as 5pm. I look forward to hearing from you.
[Chris Hurcomb, Thu 30/07/15] [comments (0)]

Kevin Henry 5k - Race 5 - Ely
The fifth race in the Kevin Henry 5k Series is nearly upon us. This will be our first trip to Ely for their inaugural event, at 7:30 on Thursday 6th August 2015. It will be great to get a strong turnout as we are sitting in 3rd only a point behind Haverhill. The run is at Witchford (instructions below) and is promised to be fast, on a flat, concrete surface. All you need is your C&C vest. Share lifts wherever possible. If any of you are going from the centre of Cambridge, perhaps post on FB if you can offer lifts. See you all there!
[Chris Hurcomb, Thu 30/07/15] [comments (0)]

Bassingbourn Belle 10 Miler - C&C DISCOUNT
Ashley Hawkins, organiser of Bass Belle 10 Miler, is offering C&C runners a discounted rate of £13 if 10 or more runners enter before the end of August. This price is not on the website so if you would like to get this price please e-mail Ashley on info@fit4thechallenge.co.uk before end of August with your e-mail address, postal address and DOB to book. Ashley will contact you for payment at the start of October.

There are category prizes and a cash prize if you break the course record (male = 1 hour 19 seconds & female = 1 hour 5 minutes). The event is raising money for Toms Trust. Go on! You know you want too!

For more information on the event please visit http://www.fit4thechallenge.co.uk/bass-belle-10-miler/4585986133
[StacyW, Wed 29/07/15] [comments (0)]

St Ives 10k
St Ives is a happy hunting ground for those of a white-and-blue persuasion, and this year's 10k yielded a fair amount of silverware, or, more accurately, glassware. There were three category wins, for Charlie Wartnaby (V40), Jon Anderson (V50) and Sarah Wightman (V35), with good podium support from Ian Richardson (third V50), Dave Mail (third V60) and Glyn Smith (third V65) - congratulations to all of you. Check out Alejandra's pics of the prizegiving.
By all accounts, the winds blew on that terrible trial of an airfield, but the C&Cs stayed strong. Charlie's 36:07 took sixth place overall, with Dan Hurst (37:12) fourteenth and Jon (39:16) 23rd. Next was ecstasy and agony for Neil Tween, a cracking PB but a tenth of a second outside 40 minutes. In the women's race, Sarah's 40:36 placed her fourth overall, and Alejandra Pascual Garrido ran 45:16 for fourteenth place on her sabbatical return to C&C. Many more fine runs to be viewed on the results page, and hopefully more pictures to come...? Well done, team.
p.s. check out this set of photos too.
St Ives 10k:  Results (17)  Gallery (4)
[Andy I, Mon 20/07/15] [comments (1)]

Running in the Yorkshire Dales
A lot of us flatlanders have taken to the hills this summer. I had another modest attempt last weekend when I raced in the Yorkshire Dales. Here is my report.
DT30:  Results (1)  Gallery (7)  Report: Emma Buckland
[Emma Buckland, Sun 19/07/15] [comments (2)]

Bob Graham Round - 42 peaks in a day!
On Saturday 11th July 2015, I finally fulfilled a long-standing ambition to complete the Bob Graham Round, the classic 24 hour Lakeland round taking in 42 peaks over approximately 66 miles and 27,000 feet of ascent (and of course the same descent) on very technical terrain. The route is a circuit of the Lake District starting and finishing at the Moot Hall in Keswick, almost entirely off-road (apart from the last 5 miles) and much of it not even on trails. First completed by Bob Graham in 1932, less than 2000 people have repeated the achievement - including our very own Charlie Wartnaby! While Charlie managed an amazing unsupported round, I was aiming for an "official" completion which meant having witnesses present for the entire round (quite a logistical challenge in itself). Report is attached, and I'll try to upload some photos - although there weren't many due to the very poor weather!
Bob Graham Round:  Results (1)  Gallery (7)  Report: Scott
[Scott, Mon 13/07/15] [comments (7)]

The Mont Blanc Marathon – more than just a marathon
Literally so - over the course of the 24-26th June weekend, there were races for everyone in Chamonix; Simon and me in the 80km, Alastair in the 23km, Claire in the 10km and Mark in the marathon, with guest support appearances from Graeme and Carla. Better late than never, I have put up a brief report from the 80km (brief relative to race duration that is) and some pics, other team members please add yours to show I’m not (still) hallucinating.
Mont Blanc Marathon:  Results (5)  Gallery (13)  Report: Neil W
[Neil W, Fri 10/07/15] [comments (7)]

Ultimate Trails 110/55k Trail Ultra
At the weekend Emma, Bernie, Katie & I made the long trip up to the Lakes for the UT ultras. I think it's safe to say we all loved it(!), and it would be good to see some more C&Cers there next year. In case you were wondering what you missed, I thought it'd be worth sharing a video made by one of the 110 guys.

Ultimate Trails Ultra:  Results (5)  Report: Emma Buckland
[flanker, Fri 03/07/15] [comments (8)]

Lairig Ghru Hill Race
Another epic tale of triumph in the face of geographical challenge; settle down and have a good read about Charlie Ritchie's Cairngorm adventure. Superb stuff.
Lairig Ghru Hill Race:  Results (1)  Report: charlie
[Andy I, Tue 30/06/15] [comments (6)]

Kevin Henry 5k - Race 4
Race 4 (already!) of the Kevin Henry 5k Series is on Thursday 2nd July 2015, 7:30pm, hosted by Haverhill Running Club at Kedington. The link to the results are below. This is a great road course, which is basically uphill for the first half, then super speedy downhill for the second half - always enjoyed by all! We are still in third, with a great chance to catch Haverhill, though they will have a huge turnout for their home event. Remember we all score a point, so I look forward to seeing as many blue and whites as possible. There's a great pub (The Plough) where we normally have a bite to eat and a beer. I'll post this on the endurance Facebook page. Could do with a couple of scorers. If you can help please email me on chris@hirky.wanadoo.co.uk

A few updates from HRC 1) Please car share as much as possible as there is limited parking. 2) Due to the hot weather forecast, there will be a self serve drinks station at halfway. 3) The course has been officially measured this year, so a great chance to log an official quick one!

See you there. http://haverhillrunningclub.com/kevin-henry-2015/
[Chris Hurcomb, Sat 27/06/15] [comments (0)]

The Wall Ultramarathon
There are several club members running their first ultramarathons this year and last Saturday was my attempt.
69 miles, Carlisle to Gateshead. I missed two of my three targets, it was messy, ugly and decidedly unpleasant at times but I finished. My first ultramarathon distance race but it certainly won't be my last.
The event was a lot more on tarmac than I expected meaning trail shoes for the first 45 miles was a mistake and I need to improve my fuelling strategy. But, I did the event to learn and I certainly did that!
I might finally make it back to the club as I should be thinking about training for Snowdonia but there's a demon in my head trying to persuade me to think about a 'short' ultra in September.
The Wall Ultramarathon:  Results (1)  Report: PaulB
[PaulB, Thu 25/06/15] [comments (9)]
Random photo   [another!]

Carmel, Carol and Tim.
(Derbyshire 2005)
Random photo   [another!]

(Derbyshire 2008)
(pic: Marcus)
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