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Bungay 20K [Gallery Index]

Sunday 19th February 2006

Very nice race with a very nasty hill at the end, but with a very nice beer afterwards.

[St Peter's Great East Run - C&C results]

Fast people at the foot of the first climb.
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Slightly slower people.
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Blurred people.
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Spot the C&C no.1: Alex.
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Spot the C&C no.2: Paul.
[comments (0)]

Spot the C&C no.3: Tim.
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Spot the C&C no.4: Carmel.
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Spot the C&C no.5: Ron.
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Nobody you would know.
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Nobody you would know in a movie.
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The winner - Tim Lenton of Norfolk Gazelles - climbs that late sharp hill.
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Second placed David Reed of St Eds Pacers.
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Third placed Ian Keeble.
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First woman - Jane Clarke of Norfolk Gazelles.
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Tim having a stormer - .mpg movie.
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Alex can smell the St Peter's beer - .mpg movie.
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Kim, racing to 3rd FV40 - .mpg movie.
[comments (0)]

Paul hit the wall at 7K - Not a good sign usually - .mpg movie.
[comments (0)]

Once again I fail to spot Carmel until it's too late - .mpg movie.
[comments (0)]

Ron, obviously delirious - .mpg movie.
[comments (0)]

The Green Dragon, Bungay - traditional stop-off.
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