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Round Norfolk Relay
Saturday 19th September 2009
Andy I

Not so much a report as a reprint of the live bulletins...

Sat 19/09/09 09:28 Welcome to the C&C RNR live coverage. Sporadic updates should follow during the course of the event. Will the boys overtake the girls? Will the girls overtake back? News updates live by mobile phone right here, real life permitting.
Sat 19/09/09 09:29 The teams should be well under way now after their 6:30 and 7:30 starts at King's Lynn (he types from home PC having just got up).
Sat 19/09/09 13:33 John F into Salthouse at 13.25, well ahead of schedule - 30 mins in fact
Sat 19/09/09 13:35 Katie T awaited...
Sat 19/09/09 13:37 We're expecting the boys to be well up on the published times. Runners beware.
Sat 19/09/09 13:41 Mary off at 1.39. 7 min behind plan
Sat 19/09/09 14:45 Paul D hits Cromer at 2.40. Navigation problems. Now 21 min ahead.
Sat 19/09/09 15:18 Mary home at 3.16, hands over to captain Rachel
Sat 19/09/09 15:22 23 mins down
Sat 19/09/09 15:58 Phil G in Mundesley at 3.51. Supersub Rob K heads for Lessingham 20 mins up on schedule.
Sat 19/09/09 16:30 Rachel runs a belter. In Mundesley at 4.27. Warm!
Sat 19/09/09 17:11 Chaps through Lessingham at 4.56, 30 mins up. Alex on the road.
Sat 19/09/09 17:43 ...and Meinou hands over to Carol at 5.36, now 25 down.
Sat 19/09/09 17:44 Gorgeous evening, now cooler
Sat 19/09/09 18:37 Boys long gone from Horsey Mill. Updates when possible.
Sat 19/09/09 18:43 Carol (6.39) says Fiona is brilliant. We agree. Alejandra on the road.
Sat 19/09/09 19:20 Tim hands over to Steve at Yarmouth at 7.16. Schedule minus 40 mins. Now dark.
Sat 19/09/09 22:34 Carmel at Geldeston at 10.17, Kim on the road to Scole. Boys about 9 miles ahead.
Sat 19/09/09 22:35 Mary votes thanks to Rachel and the team for superb organisation. Hear, hear!
Sun 20/09/09 00:08 Andrew H at Scole 12.04, 42 mins ahead
Sun 20/09/09 02:35 Holed up in a horrible industrial estate in Thetford not sleeping. Simon R to hand over to Cole in maybe 20 mins.
Sun 20/09/09 02:39 Anna C will be along after. Am losing touch with girls' progress.
Sun 20/09/09 02:41 All heroes, but none more so than those on these graveyard legs.
Sun 20/09/09 05:03 Cole at feltwell 4.42am. 49 mins ahead.
Sun 20/09/09 05:55 John k arrives wissington at 5.47am.
Sun 20/09/09 06:04 Kim arrived at scole at 12.39am. Team still just 30 mins behind schedule.
Sun 20/09/09 06:11 Anna had to drop out at 15 miles on leg to thetford.
Sun 20/09/09 06:15 Bex ran to schedule from thetford to feltwell. Maria on the road at last report.
Sun 20/09/09 06:43 Mike s arrives downham market 6.37am.
Sun 20/09/09 07:15 Sitting at Stowbridge and for the first time it's cold and drizzly. Dave Y and Jalanie awaiting their glory legs, Tim looking dog-tired.
Sun 20/09/09 07:18 Joe in at 7.16
Sun 20/09/09 08:02 Expecting Sarah around 8.15. Next stop KL.
Sun 20/09/09 08:57 Boys finish in 25 hours 15 mins (8.45am)
Sun 20/09/09 10:06 Jalanie crosses the line at 10:03.
Sun 20/09/09 10:07 Outstanding effort, everyone. See you in the Boathouse!
Sun 20/09/09 11:52 Presentation news... Won nothing at all. Sorry!

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