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Turing Trail Relay
Sunday 15th March 2009
Alex Downie

Touring and Enduring During Turing
Traditionally(ie both years since its inception), this event has been held in extreme weather conditions, eg Fen Blows,and near-hurricane winds, rain, mud,etc. This year was no exception, and we encountered extreme weather again - extremely nice weather.
'Le soleil brillait, les oiseaux chantaint, et le ciel etait tres bleu.' {So began all the writing I ever did in French at school.} But indeed, the sun shone out of a brilliantly blue sky, I think I heard a bird or two, and the Fens were looking the best I remember them.
Everyone ran effectively, everyone was where they should have been when they should have been, and history will record that the C+C Ladies triumphed again, making it 2 wins out of 3, and that the old guys in the MV50 team also romped home first, making it a clean sweep of 3 out of 3 for them. Furthermore, the fast fast team came 3rd overall, and there were individual stage wins for Dave Pell and Ben Baldelli.
The race, to commemorate the late great Alan Turing, famous for WW2 codebreaking and founding computer science in the UK, and who ran the river Cam footpaths in training for his marathons, is organised in 6 stages along the river, starting and finishing in Ely. It is a well-conceived, well-run, fun event.
But, oh dear, can the collective wit and wisdom of C+C not come up with more imaginative or more appropriate team names than C+C A, B, C and D?! Are we really no more than a bunch of pathetic alphabetophiles?!

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