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Kimbolton Triathlon
Sunday 21st July 2013
Christof Schwiening

Kimbolton School provided the back-drop for a friendly low key triathlon organized by Just Racing. Two of our club members turned out flying their 'other' club colours. As in most pool-based triathlons the staggered wave starts made tracking the position of the competitors difficult. As a spectator I engaged my 'relaxed' mode and watched reclined on the grass by the transition area - as the novice competitors demonstrated just how difficult it is to think clearly whilst exhausted: bikes that had 'disappeared' amongst the forest of other bikes, T-shirts that simply refused to go over helmets, race belts that wouldn't clip-up, gels that proved impossible to open and bikes that just wanted to lie down in the sun. The slowest swimmers went off first and the first few dozen transitions were relaxed affairs (2-3 mins) with the triathletes applying sun screen, socks, shorts and T-shirts. As the faster swimmers appeared gradually the pre-cycle preparations reduced to the minimum. George demonstrated how little needs to be done in T1 going through in 26s - helmet on, grab bike and go. Going through T2 she managed to shave the transition time down to 22s - the two fastest transitions of the day. The run course was intended to be 5 km but measured short at just 4 km. Kye's run time of 13:33 was impressive and it was only 16s behind the fastest of the day (posted by George!). It was a very pleasant day out and it was great to see so many people enjoying a very balanced approach to sport (although I do worry about the amount people seem to spend on their bikes...). Personally I can only cope with one sport at a time - T1 and T2 seem too much like Torture 1 and Torture 2.....
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