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Round Norfolk Relay
Saturday 17th September 2011
Dave Yeneralski

The Live feed from the RNR:

Sat 17/09/11 07:27 (RichHL) How is it going?
Sat 17/09/11 08:20 (Katie Sherwood) I don't think it's started yet!
Sat 17/09/11 08:54 (Simon Brightwell) Have we got a replacement for Caz on Stage 12? Maria wants to know who she is handing over to.
Sat 17/09/11 10:11 (Katie Sherwood) Yes, Paul Makowski Rachel said. Good luck Maria and Simon!
Sat 17/09/11 10:55 (Chris Hurcomb) Sunny but windy start, Dave off at 9 on the dot
Sat 17/09/11 11:35 (Dave Yeneralski) Dave Y - stage 1 done in 2.05 - lovely leg!
Sat 17/09/11 12:45 (Christof Schwiening) Love this live stuff - are we on leg 3 yet?
Sat 17/09/11 12:48 (Dave Yeneralski) Al completes stage 2 - we're on schedule
Sat 17/09/11 13:02 (Christof Schwiening) Sporadic showers in Cambridge - presumably bright sunshine in Wells?
Sat 17/09/11 13:31 (Dave Yeneralski) Noel flys into Wells to complete leg 3. Still on schedule and the sun is shining.
Sat 17/09/11 14:58 (Christof Schwiening) Cambridge now has bright sunshine too - are we on leg 5?
Sat 17/09/11 15:39 (Dave Yeneralski) Lisa arrives in Cley after some navigation issues! We're about 10 minutes behind schedule.
Sat 17/09/11 16:26 (Dave Yeneralski) John in Cromer to complete stage 5 giving it 110%. Now about 15 min behind schedule.
Sat 17/09/11 16:59 (Dave Yeneralski) Fantastic cakes in Mundesley! Fiona about 20 minutes away.
Sat 17/09/11 17:08 (Simon Brightwell) The Brightwells have had their chicken pie and are leaving the building - see you in Yarmouth!
Sat 17/09/11 18:07 (Chris Hurcomb) The night shift drivers are on their way to Yarmouth!
Sat 17/09/11 18:19 (Dave Yeneralski) Fiona finished around 5.15, still about 15 min behind
Sat 17/09/11 18:36 (Carmel McEniery) Really well done to everyone so far! It's great getting the updates!
Sat 17/09/11 19:17 (Katie Sherwood) We're enjoying the updates too, hope someone will text if everyone gets ahead of their predicted times!
Sat 17/09/11 19:39 (Dave Yeneralski) Tim left Horsey about 10 min ago. Still about 15 min behind. We're having some fun and games at the handovers now it's dark!
Sat 17/09/11 19:48 (Dave Yeneralski) Now got heavy rain and lightning!
Sat 17/09/11 20:52 (Chris Hurcomb) 20.48, a great 1.31 from Tim, still 15 minutes behind schedule. Simon off for a long haul
Sat 17/09/11 23:11 (Chris Hurcomb) 23:04 an awesome run by Simon. Now only 4 mins behind schedule. Maria settling in well
Sat 17/09/11 23:54 (CazP) Go Brightwells!! Missing being part of the action but I'm right here on the sofa of envy.... Do me proud Makka!!
Sun 18/09/11 01:12 (Chris Hurcomb) Cracking 1.57 from Maria ( Simon 2.18) - now 11 minutes ahead of schedule. Makka off for a 20 miler, it's pretty cold, but dry and no wind.
Sun 18/09/11 01:25 (Christof Schwiening) Couldn't sleep. Having breakfast and will head out to hunt down the action shortly. Exciting!
Sun 18/09/11 03:40 (Chris Hurcomb) A great 2.24 from Makka, still 8 minutes ahead of schedule. It's damn cold.
Sun 18/09/11 04:12 (Christof Schwiening) Waiting @ Feltwell. Clear sky but misty. Lots of charabancs.
Sun 18/09/11 04:28 (Christof Schwiening) Feltwell is buzzing, busier than Cambridge on a Friday night.
Sun 18/09/11 04:30 (Chris Hurcomb) About 6.5 miles from you Christoff
Sun 18/09/11 04:39 (Christof Schwiening) Just time for another coffee then!
Sun 18/09/11 04:59 (Christof Schwiening) ETA?
Sun 18/09/11 05:37 (Chris Hurcomb) 05:10, a superb 1.40 from Kris - equivalent to an HM PB - 20 minutes ahead of schedule
Sun 18/09/11 05:38 (Chris Hurcomb) Sky is brightening and Christoff is obviously enjoying the run because he has time to take photos
Sun 18/09/11 06:29 (Christof Schwiening) Got good pic of chase car. But stuck with Rachels Clothes at Wiss...
Sun 18/09/11 07:28 (CazP) Nice work everyone.... nearly there!! Just Katie and Neil to go??
Sun 18/09/11 07:36 (Chris Hurcomb) 0612 Cristoff in and fantastic run. Rachel completed a good solid run in 1 hour dead. 07.35 Katy well under way and still ahead of schedule. Sun is up and shining with a fairly still wind
Sun 18/09/11 08:11 (Chris Hurcomb) 0748 Katy in and had a fantastic run. Neil is now on the final leg home
Sun 18/09/11 08:39 (Simon Brightwell) From the comfort of a Cambridge bed armed with coffee and rugby on the tv - well done you overnight heroes, you must be stuffed. It was difficult enough coming back at 2.30.
Sun 18/09/11 08:52 (Chris Hurcomb) 0850 waiting in anticipation at Lynnsport for Neil's grand finale. The band is ready.
Sun 18/09/11 09:10 (Chris Hurcomb) 0905 Neil has arrived in 1:16 to much glory and the strike up of the band. Hooray :-)
Sun 18/09/11 09:13 (John Ferguson) Great effort everyone, especially those on the night shift
Sun 18/09/11 10:07 (RichHL) Well done, everyone!
Sun 18/09/11 10:32 (NeilCarrington) Great effort team C&C, baton home safely! Just one question... Who was eating jam sandwiches on the way round? Sticky baton!
Sun 18/09/11 10:36 (Katie Sherwood) Ooh how exciting waiting to see the big Ron!
Sun 18/09/11 11:37 (Chris Hurcomb) Winners: Noel for stage 3 and Katie for stage 16. Congratulations to you both
Sun 18/09/11 13:23 (Andy I) Fantastic - congratulations everyone! Neil - that's not jam, it's a thick layer of bacteria.
Sun 18/09/11 13:46 (NeilCarrington) It tasted like jam.

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