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Round Norfolk Relay
Saturday 18th September 2010
Andy I

Re-posting of the live news feed:

Sat 18/09/10 13:44 (Andy I) Bad reception! Be patient!
Sat 18/09/10 13:46 (Andy I) Cracker from John F to Hunstanton, 4 mins up on schedule.
Sat 18/09/10 15:13 (Andy I) Al quick too, we're now 8 mins up on schedule at Burnham Overy.
Sat 18/09/10 15:16 (Andy I) Club class: we lead by a fraction from NRR. CoNAC 7 mins back and Paddock Wood similar.
Sat 18/09/10 15:17 (Andy I) All left at 11.30 except CoNAC, 11.00.
Sat 18/09/10 15:33 (Andy I) Noel extends the lead in Wells,now 4 mins up on schedule.
Sat 18/09/10 16:29 (Andy I) At Wells, we led NRR by 11 and CoNAC by 13. Now at Cley, Graham awaiting Andrew S.
Sat 18/09/10 16:32 (Andy I) Fastest team should be Ely, but they're in the open class. Ely started 30 mins after us.
Sat 18/09/10 16:42 (Andy I) CoNAC defaulted on the way to Cley. Hope the guy's ok.
Sat 18/09/10 16:44 (Andy I) Andrew gains another 4 mins on schedule. Superb.
Sat 18/09/10 19:30 (Andy I) Graham keeps to time over impossible leg to cromer.
Sat 18/09/10 19:38 (Andy I) Ish gains a further minute. 5 mins up. Lying 2nd behind NRR.
Sat 18/09/10 19:51 (Andy I) Simon spot on target to Lessingham
Sat 18/09/10 21:26 (Andy I) Bex runs strongly through the night to Horsey Mill 3 mins fast. We're now 8 mins ahead of the plan.
Sat 18/09/10 21:29 (Andy I) We reckon we're second in the class behind NRR. Getting hard to tell. Just arrived in Saturday-night Gt Yarmouth.
Sat 18/09/10 22:04 (Andy I) Great run by Miguel. Into great Yarmouth at 21.48 still 8 mins up. Charlie now on the way.
Thu 01/01/70 00:00
Sun 19/09/10 00:27 (Andy I) Charlie completed a cracking 20 miles. Now 12 mins ahead of schedule. Kim on road to scole.
Sun 19/09/10 02:13 (Andy I) Kim ran a belter. Dave now on road to thetford. Still 12 mins ahead of schedule.
Sun 19/09/10 04:14 (Andy I) Dave P into Thetford at 3.54am. Sterling effort. 10 mins up on schedule. Caz now on road to feltwell. The race has come together here. Long queue of rotating yellow lights and slightly bedraggled runners.
Sun 19/09/10 07:10 (Andy I) John O has us 16 up now. Lost track of the oppo, but looks good.
Sun 19/09/10 07:11 (Andy I) By the way, Caz was superb.
Sun 19/09/10 08:10 (Andy I) Star of the day Carmel arrives at Downham Mkt bang on time after no sleep and huge stress
Sun 19/09/10 09:51 (Andy I) Second! More later.
Sun 19/09/10 10:49 (Andy I) Apparently unofficial! Bate your breath again...
Sun 19/09/10 10:52 (Andy I) To round things up, Katie picked up another 3 mins to Stowbridge, and Bob got one by King's Lynn.
Sun 19/09/10 10:55 (Andy I) Overall time 21:35:38, and we finished at 9:05am.
Sun 19/09/10 12:15 (Andy I) Off home to bed.
Sun 19/09/10 12:16 (Andy I) Second in Club class. Eight trophies.

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