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 Coldham's Common parkrun #91
Coldham's Common, Cambridge, Saturday 20th November 2021 - 5 km, 309 finishers; 167 male, 106 female.
Winner: 16:54 M, 20:04 F.

Web: www.parkrun.org.uk/...

4th   Rob Mahen   17:08       4th M   1st  VM35‑39  -
12th   Ben Jones   18:18       11th M   3rd  SM25‑29  -
26th   John Lambourne   20:19       23rd M   5th  VM35‑39  -
31st   Louise Jordon   20:49       2nd F   1st  SW30‑34  -
54th   Michael O'Donnell   22:36       44th M   5th  SM30‑34  -
62nd   Ben Chamberlain   22:52       50th M   4th  VM40‑44  (59.95%)
68th   Stuart Clarke   23:04       56th M   4th  VM45‑49  (62.06%)
119th   Claire Pembery   25:00       21st F   1st  VW50‑54  -
130th   Phil Scofield   25:26       90th M   4th  VM60‑64  (63.83%)
134th   Roger Pembery   25:38       93rd M   8th  VM45‑49  -
142nd   Glyn Smith   25:55       98th M   1st  VM75‑79  (72.33%)
207th   Mike Difranco   28:18       130th M   13th  VM55‑59  -
208th   Paul Jones   28:19       131st M   14th  VM55‑59  (55.03%)
212th   Julia Coonan   28:26       53rd F   14th  SW25‑29  -
236th   James Rutland   29:55       144th M   14th  VM35‑39  (44.87%)
278th   Anthony Irwin   32:39       157th M   19th  VM55‑59  (48.11%)
291st   Alan Baldock   35:30       162nd M   4th  VM70‑74  -
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