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 Major race Flora London Marathon
London, Sunday 26th April 2009 - 26.2 miles (accurate), 35247 finishers; 24230 male, 11017 female.
Winner: 2:05:10 M, 2:22:11 F.

Web: http://www.london-marathon.co.uk/


302nd   Alessandro Coianiz      2:45:07    300th M   56th  MV40 of 4121  78.33%
770th   John Ferguson      2:57:10    747th M   89th  MV45 of 2916  74.22%
774th   Joad Raymond      2:57:11    751st M   153rd  MV40 of 4121  72.40%
873rd   Chris Pyle      2:58:46    842nd M   522nd  MSen of 13577  69.33%
1432nd   Giulio Cinque      3:07:12    1346th M   185th  MV40 of 4121  72.66%
3195th   Jalanie D'Alessandro      3:23:43    327th F   73rd  FV40 of 1710  72.00%
3461st   Katie Samuelson      3:25:41    386th F   238th  FSen of 6923  65.94%
4066th   Meinou Simmons      3:29:25    496th F   310th  FSen of 6923  64.66%
5287th   Simon Redfern†      3:36:58    4558th M   670th  MV45 of 2916  61.11%
6169th   Andy Irvine      3:41:58    5263rd M   1091st  MV40 of 4121  57.35%
7506th   Carmel McEniery      3:48:37    1202nd F   740th  FSen of 6923  60.76%
8617th   Maria Brightwell      3:53:36    1423rd F   171st  FV45 of 1175  64.31%
9640th   Lara Kerr      3:57:12           57.65%
12054th   Craig Cooke      4:06:57  PB  9806th M   5413th  MSen of 13577  49.84%
25090th   Phil Garrett      4:58:05    18669th M   1405th  MV50 of 1813  46.43%
Chip times

† - C&C second claim/other
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