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Monday Training

Monday night running group update 15/8/20

Training at club for the Monday night group remains temporarily suspended because of the restrictions placed on group running during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will review the situation at the end off September 2020 and update here. In the interim there are the following options: sign up to any of the C&C Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday sessions there is a pre-booking system only 5 per group, some sessions meet away from Wilberforce road (see C&C website for booking into these sessions); see the Tuesday night C&C virtual session available via the C&C Endurance Runners FB page; sign up to the Eddington Run For Your Life 7pm Thursday night sessions (Alex and I are running parallel groups of 5 runners every Thursday evening), to sign up google Run For Your Life Eddington Cambridge - again there is a pre-booking system for this; or run your own training session with some of the ideas below. We hope to see some of you soon. Keep safe and well.

The sessions below are adapted for solo running or running in pairs:

1km time trial - do a measured and timed 1km make a note of your time and see if you can improve on this over the coming weeks. We would suggest that you periodically do a 1km timed over the next few weeks keep a note of all these times.

1 mile loop - as above but as a measured and timed 1 mile

Pace change - This can be a useful session when running alone use lamp posts to do some speed and slower runs

Fartlek - choose a route you run regularly and do some differing distances of fast, walk and jog pace mix it up. Again, lamp posts can help for this one.

Intervals - find a clear stretch to run, pick your own distance, i.e. can be short or long, then run fast for the designated stretch take a rest until your breathing returns to normal then repeat

Hill Intervals - just as it says, if you can find a hill near you!

Obstacle intervals - find somewhere with inclines, bends, steps and trees to zig zag around. Mix it up.



As you know, the Monday training sessions are suspended indefinitely.
However, your coaches and leaders would encourage you to keep running, either solo, or with a friend (keeping a safe distance), provided that you are symptom-free and fit and well.
We suggest that you complete a 'virtual' training session every Monday evening, ideally starting at 7pm, but it can be at any time that suits you.
We hope this will help you to feel less isolated, and also to stay fit and healthy, in body and in mind.
The intention is to keep the 'virtual' Monday group going until we can reinstate it in reality.
‘Running Together Alone’ Keep running; keep well!

A continuous running group for 12 to 9 minute milers with loop backs, so we don't leave anyone behind.
Each session about 3 to 5 miles.
Meet at Wilberforce Road Track at 6:50pm for a 7:00pm start.

Schedule from 17/02/2020

17.02.20 - Hill sprints

24.02.20 - Trains

02.03.20 - Timed out and Back

09.03.20 - Recovery run (to & from pub - Red Bull, Barton Rd)

16.03.20 - Reduced Recoveries on West Site

23.03.20 - City Centre Pyramid

30.03.20 - Parlauf

06.04.20 - Storeys Way long loop

13.04.20 - BANK HOLIDAY No formal session

20.04.20 - Hill Sprints

27.04.20 - Trains

- Any questions see Becky, Jane, Pauline and Rachel.

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