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Monday Training

Monday night running group schedule from 3/4/17

[b]Training starts from the foyer at the University sports ground, Wilberforce Road, session start time meet 6.30 for 6.45pm start:

26/6/17 - Obstacle intervals - West site

3/7/17 - Parlauf, West site

10/7/17 - Pace change in 3s, West site

17/7/17 - Hill intervals - West site

24/7/17 - 3 minute intervals - West site

31/7/17 - Zig zag relay in 3s, Lake area West site

7/8/17 - Lake pyramid - West site lake

14/8/17 - 1km time trial followed by 1km intervals - Start at Lampost 15

21/8/17 - Fartlek - Coton footpath

28/8/17 - Bank Holiday no session

4/9/17 - Obstacle intervals - West site

Any questions speak to Alex or Fiona Downie

Women's Group

A continuous running group for 12 to 9 minute milers with loop backs. Each session about 3 to 5 miles. Meet at Wilberforce Road Track for a 7pm start

29.5.17 - Bank holiday - No formal session

5.6.17 - Timed Out and Back

12.6.17 - City Centre Pyramid

19.6.17 - Out and Back to Granchester

26.6.17 - Hill Sprint - Coton Foot bridge

3.7.17 - Chesterton Route

10.7.17 - Timed mile

17.7.17 - Out and back to Granchester

24.7.17 - Trains - Storeys Way

31.7.17 - City Centre Pyramid

Any questions see Becky, Jane, Pauline and Rachel.

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