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February 2017

Wimpole Estate parkrun cancelled
This Saturday, 25th February. There are trees down on the course, which can't be cleared in time.
[Carmel M, Fri 24/02/17] [comments (0)]

Thursday Sesh today (23d Feb)
I am cancelling the Thursday Session i.e. the 'Glyn Sesh' tonight. Too many flying branches (and telephone wires) round my way for comfortable night running. No doubt Mother Nature will laugh in my face come 6.30, but I am going to be Mr Sensible on this occasion.
[charlie, Thu 23/02/17] [comments (0)]

Huntingdon parkrun off
This Saturday, 18th Feb. See website.
[Andy I, Wed 15/02/17] [comments (0)]

Stamford St Valentine's 30k
We must really love this race. Punishing distance, endless hills, and this time a foul day of sleet and wind from which many may never fully defrost. Yet C&C come back every year, and every year win something despite (frozen) stiff competition from the region's best. And what a win we had, or two wins, because the phenomenal Sophie Kelly not only won the race outright in 2:03 flat, but helped our women's team (pictured) to victory too. Congratulations Sophie and team-mates Maija Kozlova (ninth in 2:09) and Katie Samuelson (18th in 2:15). Huge respect too for Paul Veitch, 1:59 for 26th place, just ahead of Andrew Henderson (2:08), and to Jess Cocker, 2:25 for 38th female. We had sixteen representatives in all, burning almost 300 miles of shoe rubber - take a look at the full results for all the details. Great work all - keep warm and dry.
Stamford St Valentines 30k:  Results (16)
[Andy I, Mon 13/02/17] [comments (1)]

Frostbite League - Bourne
I'm happier this month. Not just because splashing through the muddy sections of the Bourne Frostbite delights the three-year-old in brand new wellies in all of us (it sooo does), but because C&C turned out a pretty fine squad this time. In general terms it was not enormous (fifteen plus two juniors), nor elite (just the usual spread from properly rapid downwards), nor even particularly high-achieving (eleventh, though deserving better), but considering that Bourne is far enough away that it'll require a passport in a couple of years' time, it was pretty damn good on all counts. Well done all.
Top billing for Maria Buczak (sixth female) and Istvan Jacso (seventh male), with top-fifties from Paul Veitch (16th male), Ben Jones (25th male) and Anna Duch (31st female), and fine work from the other ten too (see full results for the details). Special thanks to Alan Baldock on management duty. Our juniors were three short, and so drop to 11th in the league, but applause for the excellent Leila Querns and Olive Cooke, 14th and 24th girls respectively. Seniors-wise, we've hauled ourselves up a place to fifteenth, and will have a few clubs in our sights at BRJ Huntingdon (a brand-new course at Jubilee Park) in the final race of the season. Again, diaries out: 12th March.
Frostbite League - Bourne:  Results (16)
[Andy I, Mon 06/02/17] [comments (1)]

Wimpole parkrun 4th Feb Cancelled
[Andy I, Thu 02/02/17] [comments (0)]
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