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January 2017

Help - Missing Hereward Prizes (re Hinchingbrooke Frostbite)
A plea for help.
Were you at the Frostbite in Hinchingbrooke Park in December (Sun 11th)?
A representative from March AC gave two prizes from the Hereward Relay to a C&C person (or persons) after the race to pass on to their intended recipients (Alan and Rachel Pritchard), but the prizes haven't been seen since. I don't have the contact details for every one of our runners that day, but those I have contacted have not yielded any positive answer. Presumably someone has these prizes in their boot (understandably - I've had multiple prizes knocking about in the days before I started refusing to take them!). If so, the Pritchards would be really grateful if you could drop me or them a line if you have any information. Otherwise please spread the word (if you're on Facebook, please put out the plea there). Thank you!
Frostbite League - Hunts AC:  Results (21)
[Andy I, Thu 26/01/17] [comments (1)]

Frostbite League - March, or rather Nene Park
Well, it was a pretty filthy morning, where the rain lightened to drizzle sometimes but the chill never let up. Perhaps the throngs of C&Cs in our flourishing endurance section (fifty-nine at Saturday's parkruns alone) peeked through the curtains and just went back to bed? Maybe that's just the future and we're not bothered about racing for the club any more?* An extra hurrah then for the eleven seniors and a junior who made it to Nene Park for the re-venued Frostbite.
I'll rein in my occasional rant there, because even though the media correctly say that today, "Blue Monday", is officially the most depressing day of the year, and, well, just Donald Trump, frankly, you have to love the Frostbite. I had fondly, fatally, recalled good running conditions from the Bushfield event on the same course, and had put away the trail shoes, but this time it was a five-mile mud-fest. Absolutely filthy, but more fun than anything else you'd be doing on a gloomy mid-January morning. As ever, we turned in a variety of times but a consistent level of excellence. Ellie Swire once again takes top billing as fifth female, but Edd Moffett rivaled that by finishing eleventh chap. Otherwise, I think another roll call is in order, so hats off and soap and scrubbing brush to Oliver Johnson, Ellie Swire, Ben Chamberlain, Mike and Sue Brentnall, Kerion Hunt, Diana Braverman, Jen Richardson and the Mrs and me. Three cheers too for excellent Eve Seyf, who took on the responsibility, on C&C debut no less, of being the entire junior team, with a literally impossible task of keeping us above last place on the day. We hold on to a very solid tenth overall though. Seniors - we did beat Bourne yesterday, but drop to the penultimate place for the season. Last, and the opposite of least, huge thanks for the support of the wonderful Adam Poole and Alan Baldock, who got frozen and drenched for the club yet again.
* - lots of you turn out when you can but couldn't make this one, and no-one can do every one, I know, I know!
Frostbite League - March AC:  Results (12)
[Andy I, Mon 16/01/17] [comments (2)]

Cambs Cross-County Championships
Many thanks to the brave soul who added all of the results for the Cambs Cross-Country Champs - their efforts were worth it! We do pretty well there generally, and it was no exception this year. Check out the full results for all the details, but briefly congratulations to our new County Champions - Isaac Morris (U11), David Dow (U15), Jonathan Escalante-Phillips (Senior), Sullivan Smith (V40), Rob Huckle (U20), John Ferguson (V50), Charlie Ritchie (V60), Julia Paternain (U17), Thomas Keen (U17), Katy Hedgethorne (Senior) and Joan Lasenby (V55). Podium clean-sweeps for our U13 and U15 boys too (it used to be the girls doing that!).
Cambridgeshire Cross-Country Championships:  Results (83)
[Andy I, Sat 14/01/17] [comments (0)]

Frostbite League - Sunday 15th January - Change of venue!!
The next Frostbite League fixture will now be held at Nene Park, Peterborough, on Sunday 15th January (thanks to Rich Lyle for highlighting this change). This is the same venue and course as used for the November 2016 fixture. Full details can be found by following the link to the Frostbite League website here.
[Carmel M, Wed 04/01/17] [comments (0)]
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