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December 2016

C&C Boxing Day Run
Full results now up - thanks as ever to Noel.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and generally fabulous wishes for any other festivals you may celebrate around now.
C&C Boxing Day Run:  Results (78)
[Andy I, Sat 31/12/16] [comments (2)]

Frostbite League - Hunts AC
It was a much better month for our Frostbite team on the wildly varied Hinchingbrooke course on Sunday. Our seniors almost went sub-1000 in terms of running points, though this was a tad harshly rewarded with ninth place on the day. As ever, check the results section for full details of our muddy sixteen, but principal applause to Graham Anderson (12th), Istvan Jacso (23rd) and Steve Mason (29th) in the men's race and Ellie Swire (4th), Rosa Sampson (11th) and Siobham Skinner (18th) in the women's. And of course the usual thanks to our leader Adam Poole. We're now up to fourteenth overall, and will skyrocket after the March race on 15th Jan. Diaries! Now!
The Juniors just squeaked the full team of five, but five excellent runs earned an excellent sixth on the day. Three... no... five cheers for Joseph Wheeler, Luka Teleki, Emma Stephens, Matthew Pinney and Beth Irving. Now seventh overall.
Frostbite League - Hunts AC:  Results (21)
[Andy I, Mon 12/12/16] [comments (1)]

Hereward Relay
Hereward results are up, belatedly.
Our elite team finished ninth - a very decent result - and our other five, very well-matched, had an epic battle with each other, finishing in the 35th-to-45th-place window. 110 teams finished overall.
Individually, Rachel Pritchard came in second female overall on leg one - congrats to her - and category wins went to Rachel and Al Pritchard on leg one, Rosa Sampson Geroski and Glyn Smith on leg two, and to Neil White and Sophie Kelly on the glory leg into Ely.
Well done to all 24 runners and to the many who helped make a tricky logistical thing possible.
Hereward Relay:  Results (23)
[Andy I, Mon 05/12/16] [comments (0)]
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