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October 2013

Cross Country News
Some of our cross country specialists have been putting in some good performances. Click here to see how they got on.

Veterans - it's time to enter the Eastern & Southern XC Championships. Check out the details on the fixture list.
[Helen, Mon 28/10/13] [comments (0)]

Frostbite - race number 2
The second Frostbite race is just over a week away, Sunday 3rd November and this time it's the turn of Bushfield to host. Bushfield is not too far off the A1 near Peterborough services. This race, juniors at 10:15am and seniors at 11am is a combination of road and footpaths. The flat course isn't suitable for spikes but trial shoes might be a good idea. I suggest car sharing so meeting at the track at 9:15 to allow time to get to the car park and walk to the sports hall. As a tip, please don't leave any valuables in your bags in the sports hall because a few years ago, one unfortunate C & C runner had some items stolen.
We're currently third overall for juniors and second overall for the seniors. I hope to see as many runners both junior and senior at the event so we can maintain or even improve on our overall standings. Full details, including directions, can be found on the Frostbite website, which is located in the fixtures list page. Unfortunately, this is the only Frostbite event I am unable to attend so Richard Parks and Carmel McEniery have kindly offered to score for the junior and senior races respectively.
[Adam Poole, Thu 24/10/13] [comments (0)]

Essex League Full C&C Results
Essex League Race 1:  Results (36)
[Andy I, Wed 23/10/13] [comments (0)]

Abingdon And Amsterdam
A Marathon and a Half, brought to you by the letter 'A'. 'A' for 'almost' for Jon Anderson over the full 26.2 at Abingdon - I shall say no more but refer you to Jon's report (link below)! Across the sea, Andrew Unsworth flew the C&C flag at the (much recommended) Amsterdam Half and came away with a handy 1:55. Nice running, both.
Abingdon Marathon:  Results (1)  Report: JonA
Amsterdam Marathon & Half Marathon:  Results (2)
[Andy I, Wed 23/10/13] [comments (5)]

Christmas Party
This year's festive fun will take place on Saturday 14th December in The Hidden Rooms. Further details to follow.
[John Ferguson, Wed 23/10/13] [comments (0)]

Ten-Mile Triumphs
The noble and beloved ten-miler is a bit of an endangered species these days, so it's a bit annoying that two of the best on the fringes of our county should happen on the same day. You had your choice of flat, firm but always windy where the Cambridgeshire Fens meet Norfolk, or rolling, slippery and friendly just over the Suffolk border. It was an eight-to-three C&C split in favour of the shorter trip, to Thurlow, where a downpour was followed by a pretty multi-terrain figure-of-eight. A shorter trip, I say, but not that short for John Oakes, now based in Devon, for whom it was a flying visit (more please, John, we miss you!). And flying is the word, as John took not just the expected V55 crown but, for the second time in a row, the overall win too. Phenomenal. Next of us home was the rather rapid Dan Hurst in seventh. Many other good runs too. Well done all, and well done Haverhill Running Club for another cracking event.
Up near Wisbech, the long-running Fenland 10 produced another moment of C&C glory, as Sarah Wightman took top honours with a fine 1:08 in a high-quality field. Congratulations Sarah! And a PB moment too, from Silvia Chiappa - well done Silvia.
Nice ten-miling, everyone.
Thurlow 10:  Results (8)
Fenland 10:  Results (3)
[Andy I, Wed 23/10/13] [comments (3)]

Essex XC League Race 1
The race report for this event can be found here.

If you missed this one the next event is Saturday 16th November in Basildon. If you want to run hills here's the place to go.
[Helen, Tue 22/10/13] [comments (0)]

Cambridgeshire Road League/Fenland 10
The next race in the Cambridgeshire Road League (Fenland 10 in Wisbech) takes place on Sunday. With two races left to go (Fenland 10 and NVH 10) the men are 3rd and the women 2nd.
[Andrew, Sat 19/10/13] [comments (5)]

Club Night Tuesday
This month's club night comes round this Tuesday (22nd), bar open for refreshments, chat, and general interaction. We had a great turnout for the XC event, so let's try to keep the autumn momentum going...and as we look ahead should we think about varying the venue for the Tuesday social? Some fancy The Pub (which?), some The Pav(ilion). Both? Alternate? Let's have what Mrs Merton called a 'Heated Debate'.
[charlie, Thu 17/10/13] [comments (1)]

Hereward Relay
The Hereward Relay takes place on Sunday 24 November. The course follows the ancient Hereward Way from Peterborough to Ely in four stages. The first leg of 6.5 miles is mostly on paths, while the remaining three are cross-country and around 10 to 12 miles each.
More details of the event can be found here.

We are planning to enter up to 6 C&C teams. Please contact Andrew (hereward@andrewshields.co.uk) before 3 Nov if you would like to take part and have any preference for a certain leg.
[Andrew, Wed 16/10/13] [comments (0)]

Great Eastern Run, Peterborough
I've cracked. I can't wait any longer for a Great Eastern Run report, and I didn't even make it (sniff). The weather was hardly PB-tastic, but you did mighty well out there. Sullivan with a ridiculous 1:11 in the squalls, Makka just pipping Al in a mad sub-1:17 dash, and Fergie PBing by a massive 1 sec in 1:19 (at his age, too ;-). Katie led our women in 1:25, and Claire, Mel, Carla and Sarah all joined her in VLM champs-tastic sub-1:30 times (see you all in London?). Further PBs were had by Ben (sub-1:30!), Dave, Ian, Lynn, Paula, Silvia, Julia, Diane and Iona to name but those who've flagged their result, and we fielded a grand total of 34. Oh, and I plodded 10M round town here in the rain out of empathy... now do chip in with your comments to tell your true stories.
Perkins Great Eastern Run:  Results (34)
[CharlieW, Tue 15/10/13] [comments (11)]

Ryston Grand Prix Race 1
The race report & results can be found here.
[Helen, Tue 15/10/13] [comments (1)]

Essex League - Cross Country League
This link will take you to all the info on the first race on Saturday 19th October. There are a few of us going, so don your C&C vest and get muddy. http://cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk/index.php/cross-country/xc-leagues
[Chris Hurcomb, Fri 11/10/13] [comments (1)]

Ready to embark on the VLM but didn't get a place?
I have a contact at the charity SportsAid who has a limited number of VLM places. You will be required to raise 1500 (instead of the normal 2000 plus.) Let me know if you are interested. Carla x
[Carla Brown, Fri 11/10/13] [comments (0)]

More cross country
If you enjoyed running the off road course at the Frostbite last Sunday then consider running the first race in the Ryston Grand Prix series this Sunday. There are races for all age groups. Click here for more details.
[Helen, Tue 08/10/13] [comments (0)]

More cross country
If you enjoyed running the off road course at the Frostbite last Sunday then consider running the first race in the Ryston Grand Prix series this Sunday. There's races for all age groups. Click here for more details.
[Helen, Tue 08/10/13] [comments (1)]

Frostbite Results
The full results from the first race at Priory Park can be found on the Frostbite webpage on the official club website. Click here.
[Helen, Tue 08/10/13] [comments (0)]

National Cross Country Relays
The relay season is not over yet. If you've missed out and would like to join a team for the National XC Relays on Sat. 2nd Nov. in Mansfield, contact Istvan or Ric Park or Helen asap. The closing date is Fri. 11th Oct. Your name has to be on the team list in order to run. You also need to have paid your England Athletics registration fee.

Note, this is a senior event. Veterans can run but will only score as seniors. If you would prefer to run in a veteran team at the British Masters XC Relays on Sat. 23rd Nov in Derby, please contact Helen asap. The closing date is Fri. 8th Nov.

Check out the websites for more details.
[Helen, Mon 07/10/13] [comments (0)]

Southern XC Relays
To see how the three ladies and four men got on in this event last weekend click here.
[Helen, Mon 07/10/13] [comments (0)]

And elsewhere on Sunday...
With you cats away doing Frostbite, we mice got to play in the Wimpole half, where Mel & Tom took top honours with wins, and Al & Fergie crowded the podium with 2nd, 4th and category prizes, 12 C&C running in total; and in the Town and Gown 10k, where 6 of us competed, PBs bagged by Steven and Nicola (who claimed 2nd F), and I picked up 1st (good) but also a little calf tear which will probably have me out of the GER on Sunday (not good!).
Edit: I missed the Abington 10k (results weren't added when I wrote the above?), where Sullivan won in a masterful 32:21, Istvan joined him on the podium in 3rd, and David took the V40 crown.
Another edit: Town & Gown pics from a rival photo service on their site and Facebook.
Wimpole Half Marathon:  Results (12)  Gallery (4)
Cambridge Town & Gown 10K:  Results (6)
Abington 10K:  Results (11)
[CharlieW, Mon 07/10/13] [comments (11)]

Frostbite - lost jacket
I have a Brooks jacket that was left at the frostbite on Sunday. If anyone wants to claim it I will take it to training on Tuesday evening, or alternatively drop me an email.
[Crooksy, Mon 07/10/13] [comments (0)]

Frostbite - results
It was good to see so many C & C runners and family members (both junior (212 runners) and senior (426 runners)) turn out and support the first Frostbite event. So, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all. It was a great start, with the juniors having first male (Rob Huckle) and first female (Diana Chalmers), along with Jamie Sales, Helena Dyce and James Fraser helping to score a total of 81 points. I would also like to add that the other junior runners, helped with the overall position of 3rd with 81 points. In first position are Hunts AC (56 points), followed by Riverside (77 points).
In the senior race (I sense deja vu here!), we scored 660 points putting us in second overall position but 181 points behind NVH. We had three male runners in top twenty, Jonathan Escalante-Philips (7th), Ben Baldelli (12th) and Craig Dyce (17th) plus Carla Brown coming in 3rd lady (58th overall). The other runners who counted (not forgetting everyone C & C runner, who will all have assisted) are Alaister Hodges (23rd), Andrew Shields (28th), Neil Carrington (38th), Matt Ward (82nd), Jane Packman (183rd), and Caroline Wright (212th).
Anyway, as I mentioned before well done and thank you to everyone from C & C who turned up today. This has given us a great starting point. The next race is Sunday 3rd November at Bushfield, close to Peterborough, just off the A1. Further details to follow.
Frostbite League - St Neots:  Results (30)
[Adam Poole, Sun 06/10/13] [comments (0)]

Frostbite Friendly League
As C & C has many new members, I would like to inform you of a series called the Frostbite Friendly League. The league consists of 6 races between October and March, where about 16 local teams compete against each other. The first meeting is on Sunday 6th October at Priory Park, St Neots. They free to enter but the wearing of the C & C club vest is statutory. There are two races, one for juniors with a 10:15am start and one for seniors with an 11am start. The start times remain the same for all races. I have added details about the scoring in the read more section. What I would like to stress is, please don't see this as a reason not to come because it's a team event and everyone who participates will assist the team by crossing the finishing line and pushing other teams/runners down the score line. I recommend either using trial shoes or spikes given the XC terrain.
I hope to see as many C & C runners there as possible (both junior and senior) so we can replicate our previous winning form. I will be at the event to score for both the junior and senior races.
I suggest that given the limited parking, it would be wise to share lifts so perhaps meet at the track at 9:45am. I can offer a lift and have 4 places but as I need to be in St Neots by 10am, would like to leave the track by 9:15am. So if would you like a lift, please let me know but it's a first come first served basis.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at Priory Park!
[Adam Poole, Wed 02/10/13] [comments (6)]
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