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September 2013

Marathon Results
Rather a spectacular batch of marathon results from all parts of Europe over this weekend; hopefully everyone will post a report (or at least a comment) - I see Christof's news from Berlin is in - but congratulations to all three on their new PBs. Christof Schwiening has done a few of them, and he's edging towards the magic '3' - just five minutes to go - whilst Paul Beastall's debut, at the Loch Ness Marathon (on a course lumpier than the eponymous beastie's back) clocked bang-on four hours, down to the nanosecond. And finally I have to say I am in awe of Beth Jones, whose times have come down from four-and-three-quarters range to a magnificent 3:18 at Warsaw in just five months. Phew!
Warsaw Marathon:  Results (1)  Report: BethJ
Berlin Marathon:  Results (1)  Report: Christof Schwiening
Loch Ness Marathon:  Results (2)  Report: PaulB
[Andy I, Mon 30/09/13] [comments (14)]

JW Ultra
Slightly belated news of the JW ultra, a 30 mile trail race held alongside the canal from Stratford-upon-Avon to Bournville every September. It looks mostly flat until you realise you are going *up* every set of locks and never down...

Darren and I run this event every year, and it is always nice to get a PB on a course you've been battling with for years. Darren finally broke through the 4:30 barrier for the distance, more like smashing it with a hard fought 4:19. And I achieved my target of sub 4 hours, taking first female in 3:51. If anyone wants a friendly and low key introduction to ultra running I thoroughly recommend this event.
JW Ultra:  Results (2)
[Ultra Katie, Mon 30/09/13] [comments (3)]

Club Night Tuesday XC spectacular
Remember Club Night this Tuesday (Oct 1st) is a one-off spectacular featuring:
- intro to cross country season
- cross country awards
- official unveiling of new club kit!

...for the last alone, the most unmissable club night of the year. Till the next one.
But do encourage as many of your clubmates as you can to come along this Tuesday, refreshments available as always...
[charlie, Fri 27/09/13] [comments (5)]

Cambridge half marathon
For those of you that didn't receive the One Step Beyond e-mail about the Cambridge half marathon, entries open tomorrow and it will fill up in an absolute maximum of 48 hours. So for those who get a place, good luck with the race in March 2014.
[Adam Poole, Wed 25/09/13] [comments (7)]

Southern 4 & 6-stage Road Relays
Three senior teams represented C&C at these events last weekend. All who went had a great time and look forward to seeing more club members out there at the Nationals in October, if we qualify, and the cross country relays in November. See how they got on here.
Southern Road Relay Championships:  Results (32)  Gallery (10)
[Helen, Tue 24/09/13] [comments (1)]

Harvest Trail
If you know Royston Heath, you'll know that the Harvest Trail is not going to be a PB race. It's something of a challenge, with rough going (ploughed fields, for example) and sharp hills; an absolute beauty of a trail event. Glory is not tied to the chronometer, and in the approximately-half-marathon, the greatest glory of all was won by Paul Makowski, ours on occasion, but here representing the hosts (his home club) and taking victory. What's more, Makka even survived a seriously long detour following a mischievously-misdirected signpost. Paul Jones and I had our own battles, with injury and poor form respectively, but made it back for the free cake. This year offered a quarter-marathon option (but still including the biggest hill), and it's congratulations Alex Downie - third overall (and second chap). Rather excellent. Also excellent were Fiona Downie and Adam Etches, running fine times (particularly after difficulty tariff is factored in!). Nice one all - let's have dozens of us next year, as it's rather a jewel.
Harvest Trail:  Results (6)
[Andy I, Tue 24/09/13] [comments (2)]

Esendex Last Minute Triathlon, Southwell
It might come as a surprise to some C&C athletes, but you can race in the pool and on bikes too. These outlandish behaviours can be combined in the sport of triathlon. Alan Baldock and Izzie Pettit made the trip up to the picture-esk-queue town of Southwell in Nottinghamshire for the season-ending Last Minute Triathlon on Sunday and it looks like they both had a storming time. This was a sprint-distance triathlon with legs of 400m swim, 17.6k bike and 5k run.

Izzie PBed and won her F20-24 category. Of course she did. She's been training harder and harder all summer and thoroughly deserves the success. She swam 9:21 and biked 36:40 which were impressive enough but her run on the final leg was a particularly strong 19:53.

The Old Man of C&C triathloning posted a 10 minute PB and would have smashed his old time further had he not stopped for a cup of tea and a biscuit in T1. His overall time of 1:22:26 contained a very respectable bike leg of 37:04 and a stonking final run of 25:23.

Well done to both of them and roll on next season.
Esendex Last Minute Triathlon:  Results (2)
[RichHL, Mon 23/09/13] [comments (2)]

Southern Junior Road Relays
Fantastic results by some of our junior teams. To find out just how well they did click here.
[Helen, Sun 22/09/13] [comments (1)]

Leighton 10
A small but dedicated band from C&C here taking the opportunity to find a marker for bigger races to come: the GER for most of us, and the Chester Marathon for Carrie. Carrie felt out of form and wisely curtailed her race to save herself for Chester, though heroically diverting to take in the biggest hill (and be there to cheer us in). Carla near-PBd in 68 mins despite the significant hills, bagging 3rd, and Mark surged in strongly too in 65 having positively enjoyed them! I felt I was getting back towards race form with a handy 2nd (in a small field) in 58 mins. Overall a very nicely-run little club gig which was worth the trip. (If anyone else was there, add a comment.)
Leighton 10:  Results (3)
[CharlieW, Sun 22/09/13] [comments (2)]

Thurlow 10 miler
Trevor from Haverhill RC asked me to bring this rural, multi-terrain, rolling 10 miler to your attention. Set on the Thurlow Estate near Haverhill, the Thurlow 10 is on 20th October 2013. A fantastic local event, organised by HRC with many prizes across the age groups. Our very own running legend John Oakes picked up first place and £80 last year in 60:32 and feels he would have been under the hour if he had not gone the wrong way - so clearly a quick course, if you like hills!! I have attached the brochure below and entry is only a tenner. Clearly Dave Y enjoyed it!
[Chris Hurcomb, Thu 19/09/13] [comments (3)]

Silvia and David in Italy
A glorious return to Italy for Silvia Chiappa and David Barber. The intrepid duo took in a very, very mountainous mountain race, the Drei Zinnen run in the Germanic Südtirol, covering the 17.5km in mountain-goat-esque times - check out the pics for a taste. And back on flatter ground, never mind recovery, it was the Bologna Half Marathon the next weekend, where Silvia ran a tasty 1:45 and David broke the 1:25 barrier. Reports for both linked below. Relaxing holiday? Nah!
Drei Zinnen Alpine Run:  Results (2)  Gallery (14)  Report: David Barber
Bologna Half Marathon:  Results (2)  Report: Silvia Chiappa
[Andy I, Wed 18/09/13] [comments (4)]

Grafham Water
Well done Annette Laver, 4:51 in the Marathon, and Caroline Archer, 1:49 in the Half, at Grafham Water last weekend. I assume it to have been around rather than across.
Grafham Water Marathon and Half Marathon:  Results (2)
[Andy I, Wed 18/09/13] [comments (3)]

Last call for the South of England Cross Country RELAY Championships
Anyone wishing to take part or be a reserve for this event on the afternoon of Saturday 5th October should contact Istvan, Jonathan E-P or Helen tomorrow (Thurs. 19th Sep.). Only those named on the submitted team lists can run. Helen will be submitting the team lists on Friday evening. For more details click here.
[Helen, Wed 18/09/13] [comments (0)]

Round Norfolk Relay
Well, it's all over for another year. The simple facts state that the first team were a magnificent second in the Open class (in which selection is unrestricted), and third overall, behind only the multiple champions CoNAC (who have the logistic advantage of living slap bang in the middle of the route) and the brilliant Ely (who don't, and just do RNR superbly). A mere 20:48:28 taken for the 197 miles. Well... rather more than 197, eh, Istvan? ;-) Magical. There were stage wins for the amazing John Ferguson (and a vets' course record too!), Tom Stevens (20 miles in the dark in just 1:55 and a fabulous outright stage record) and Richard Park - lightning, but beaten by a rather speedy girl ;-). Jonathan E-P, Oliver Park, Andrew Shields, Graham Anderson, Neil White (our third stage record breaker, in the vets), Graeme Kennedy, Ben Jones and Iain Wood ALL managed top-three placings too.
Our squad in the Club class (which requires at least six vets and five females) also had a pretty good day, rotating in a tad over 27 hours, with numerous heroic efforts including Christof Schwiening's awe-inspiring twelfth place on the 20-miler (which typically attracts the strongest runners) and Carrie Bedingfield's third female placing over the killer sands east of Cley. Check the results for more.
But most of all, a truly amazing performance by numerous organisers and support crew, most notably commander-in-chief Fergie and his Club-team counterpart Kris Semple. Others did monumental stints too, and we know who you are. Heroes.
Finally, an appeal for pics and reports - only the special ones could do the whole thing, so if you have thoughts on your own bit, please write or show us the snaps. Then you can sleep.
Round Norfolk Relay:  Results (37)  Gallery (43)  Reports: Alex Downie & Andy I
[Andy I, Mon 16/09/13] [comments (8)]

Cambridgeshire Road League
Following victory in both team events in Grunty Fen, C&C women are now 2nd and the men 3rd in the Cambridgeshire AA Road League. With a good results in the final two races (Fenland 10 on 20 Oct and NVH 10 on 1 Dec) we could even finish top.
[Andrew, Fri 13/09/13] [comments (0)]

RNR Twitter Feed
Those on the Round Norfolk Relay team which is, er, expected to have the lesser angular frequency, will have heard co-captain Kris's suggestion of on-the-road Twittering/Twitting/Twerking updates, news and general RNR chatter. The #candc (or #runcambridge) feed now appears on the right of this page (note: if you are a logged-in user, it will be disabled by default and you will need to switch it on). The old-fashioned live news feed is off air - get with the times, granddad/grandma! Let's have lots of gabble from both teams, please, to distract us from the unspeakable horrors of 4am in a Thetford industrial estate car park.
[Andy I, Thu 12/09/13] [comments (3)]

London Marathon Championship Entries...
[Ultra Katie, Thu 12/09/13] [comments (1)]

Cambridge Half Marathon 2014
The race will be being launched later this month.
If you HAVEN'T done the race before and would like the chance to sign up 4 days before general entries open then you need to sign up on the website http://www.onestepbeyond.org/
If you have raced in previous years you should be notified automatically .
[Benvenuto Baldelli, Tue 10/09/13] [comments (0)]

Grunty Fen Half Marathon
We had another big C&C turnout for the Grunty Fen half, which was a bit warm but mercifully free of strong Fen winds this year. We had "two twos" on the podium -- Melanie had a storming 1:24 for 2nd, and Sullivan an other-wordly 1:11 for 2nd too (despite presumably disrupted sleep from his attendant newborn). We also scooped both the men's and women's team prizes, giving each member a narrow profit margin as they earnt £25 a head in cool, hard cash. Mary picked up the FV60 prize. And we took some county champs medals, including Stacy's first running prize bling. A good day's work, and thanks to the Park brothers for jovial support at what seemed like an impossibly large number of points round the course!
Grunty Fen Half Marathon:  Results (24)
[CharlieW, Mon 09/09/13] [comments (0)]

Kevin Henry series finishes on a high
So many winners this week, but for me the biggest winner is seeing so many blue and white vests joining up with their friends and club mates and getting out and giving it a go. With the series already sewn up, the anticipation of the fastest course of the season at our home, bought out an unprecedented 87 C&C'ers and a total of 239 runners. There were many fine performances, which can be seen in Kevin Henry results, with C&C grabbing the first 8 ladies positions in lightening fast times, and the men not that far behind. So, a clean sweep of the team trophies; winning ladies, winning men and overall winners. Sullivan Smith picked up the men's runner of the series with a 1,1,1,1, each race getting quicker, culminating in an ultra-speedy 15:32. Club runners of the series, which is awarded for participation and great results went to Alastair Hodges for the men, who had a top 10 finish in each race with each race faster. For the ladies the ever improving Margaret Phillips scooped the award for 4 great races ending with a 22:16 PB and a stunning 85.59% WAVA. Also a massive thank you to the marshals who got there early, helped set up, park cars, cheer, tidy up and generally help run a very smooth event. So another KH series over until next Spring, but please don your trail shoes for the start of the Frostbite Series in October, another really enjoyable team event - watch this space for more news. Just for me to say thank you to all for the great support, with record numbers turning out for the club. Full results on attachment and final tables on tab at bottom of sheet.
Kevin Henry League (C&C):  Results (87)
[Chris Hurcomb, Fri 06/09/13] [comments (2)]

Tuesday 1st October - the official start of the cross country (xc) season.

The next Endurance Group Social has been moved from the usual fourth Tuesday of the month to this date.

We'll be modelling the new club kit. Explaining the winter season of xc leagues, relays and championships. Presenting the club cross country awards from the previous season.

If you fancy the challenge of running off road come and join us. The more the merrier.

Note: anyone wanting to run the Southern XC Relays (Sat. 5th Oct) should get in contact with Helen asap. The closing date is before that meeting - 20th September. Thanks
[Helen, Tue 03/09/13] [comments (0)]

Cambridgeshire AA Road Running League
C&C ladies are currently standing 3rd in team competition with Sarah Wightman 6th position in the individuals. C&C men are currently 6th with Daniel Hurst holding 8th position in the individual event. There are three more events to go. Check out the county website to see how you stand in the league and/or what races there are still to run - a half marathon and two 10 milers. Entries close for the Grunty Fen HM on Wednesday. So sign up online now.
[Helen, Tue 03/09/13] [comments (0)]

Wild Boar half/70.3 Ironman
Well, news just in and that is to say that Katie Sherwood completed her very first half Ironman in Market Bosworth yesterday. The good news is that for someone who said the day before, I am not racing, to then be the second lady is an amazing result! Keep up the great work, Katie! And before I go, I just want to add a quote from the lady herself, 'How can anyone do two of those...?'
[Adam Poole, Mon 02/09/13] [comments (4)]
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