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April 2010

Kevin Henry 5K League - Teams for 2010
Please follow the link on the left or click here for the proposed teams for the forthcoming Kevin Henry 5k races.
Neil and I have taken the times from last year's races and split the runners to form two equally balanced teams (please don't worry about the team names at this stage as they will change).
If I have missed anyone off the list or if you see your name and you're unable to run in any of the races, please do let me know so I can ammend accordingly.
This, as I have previously mentioned will be a trial year, which I hope will be successful so we can prove (to the other teams and ourselves) that with two teams, C & C is still a tour de force. As also previously mentioned having two teams will make it fairer for the other local teams plus allow for runners who wouldn't normally score to do so and therefore make a difference.
The first race is Thursday 3rd June in Cambridge starting at 19:30. It will be run on a brand new course with the start and finish being at the track.
If you do have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.
[Adam Poole, Fri 30/04/10] [comments (0)]

London Marathon
London Marathon results now in - let me know if I've missed anyone.
Another huge day in London, and a mixture of triumph and disaster as usual. Well done everyone who made it round, and heartfelt thanks from them to the support crew. Special congratulations to our top male and female finishers, John Ferguson (2:52) and Kim Masson (3:11), who were absolutely magnificent.
There were plenty of other fine performances, and at the risk of missing out other deserving cases, I'd pick out Alan Pritchard's sub-3 marathon debut (just pipping a battling Caz to the hotly-contested Debutant-Pritchard-of-the-Day award), sub-3s from Alessandro Coianiz and the returning Pietro Liguori, near-PB runs from experienced marathoners Giulio Cinque and Katie Samuelson, and training mates Andrea Martinelli and Maria Brightwell's excellent 3:30-somethings. A very good day.
[Andy I, Mon 26/04/10] [comments (0)]

Marathon Day Refuelling
As Adam posted before, London Marathoners, friends, supporters and anyone just passing by are all invited for a revitalising pint and a plate of grub at the Chandos pub on St Martin's Lane, just a short hobble from the finish. This link gives more info on the Chandos. Upstairs bar, if possible! Runners and those meeting them at repatriation on Horseguards (tip - arrange to meet at 'C' for C&C) will be funneled out under Admiralty Arch onto Trafalgar Square (you'll recognise that). On the far side of the square is the enormous National Portrait Gallery - exit the square to the right of the gallery and you'll be in St Martin's Place; St Martin's Lane leads off that.
Good luck, and cheers!
[Andy I, Fri 23/04/10] [comments (0)]

Post-marathon social evening
For anyone interested there's a post-marathon social evening on Friday 30th April at The Red Bull, Barton Road from 19:30 and partners are welcome.
Hope to see you there.
[Adam Poole, Fri 23/04/10] [comments (0)]

Flitwick 10K
Good to see Peter Howard and Sue Barnett going well at the Flitwick 10K. Congratulations to Sue for taking top prize in her category, in a highly competitive field.
[Andy I, Tue 20/04/10] [comments (0)]

Bungay Marathon and Half
Congratulations to John Oakes on a cracking performance at the Bungay Half. John's 1:18 was a blink outside his PB, and took him to third place overall (and, needless to say, first V50). Well done David Edwards too - on the same undulating course (but twice round), David ducked under 3:30 in the Bungay Marathon.
[Andy I, Tue 20/04/10] [comments (0)]

London Marathon Support
If anyone is interested in going to support the C & C runners doing the London Marathon, please be advised that there's engineering work on the trains (of all the days!) and the earliest arrival is around 10am.
I would therefore recommend catching the National Exprees to Stratford or London and getting the underground/ DLR from there. There's a departure at 06:50 with some cheap tickets left, provided you chose London as the destination. It won't be a problem getting back by train as they'll be running from mid-morning.
As per usual, the after marathon drinks will be at Chandos, St. Martins Lane, which is just off Trafalgar Square.
[Adam Poole, Mon 12/04/10] [comments (0)]

Sandy 10
Away from the Big Event, good going Stephen Penny and Glyn Smith at the Sandy 10.
[Andy I, Mon 12/04/10] [comments (0)]

Cambridge Cambourne 10K
It's our biggest day of the year, and again we had something approaching a perfect day (ignoring the light breeze!). 987 runners finished the second Cambridge Cambourne 10K, and the first was our very own Steve Watterson, winning in 32:28 - congratulations Steve! Not far behind were a host of C&C stars, with Noel Carroll fourth in 34:28, Alan Pritchard 11th in 36:01. Bob Watson and Andrew Shields were second and third V40s, 14th and 17th overall. John Morley and Simon Brightwell battled it out for 20th, and Mike Smith was 33rd.
In the women's race, Ipswich's Helen Decker took top honours in a spectacular 35:07, beating all but half a dozen of the men. Our own in-form Katie Toynton's 41:42 gave her sixth place, pipping seventh-placed Caz Pritchard and ninth-placed Kim Masson. Kim also took first place in the V45s. Congratulations to all of those.
There were plenty of impressive performances from elsewhere in our 27-strong squad, so check the results for details.
Finally, a huge thank-you to everyone who made the event possible off the course as well as on. The feedback we've been getting is excellent (so far!) again, and it couldn't have happened without all your efforts. I won't name names because I'm bound to leave someone out (you all know who you are), but particular praise and hats off to race director Neil.
[Andy I, Mon 12/04/10] [comments (0)]

Latest Documents
For any of us who may have missed Noel Moss's mailout (and for future reference), the mystifying world of competing for C&C in track and field is made comprehensible in the 2010 Competition Handbook, now stored in the Public Documents section (see lower left). Well worth a read, and will hopefully bridge a gap for those road runners wishing to take part in the 'other' discipline, or at least to understand what all those competitions are. Thanks to Noel and all contributors.
[Andy I, Wed 07/04/10] [comments (0)]

Fell Running News
Some people naturally think of Easter Sunday as a prime opportunity to run up a huge hill twice. Gerald Meah took on the Shining Cliffs Fell Race in Derbyshire and lived - good going, Gerald. Any more holiday weekends spent on the roads/hills/trails/swamps? Let me know.
[Andy I, Tue 06/04/10] [comments (0)]

Easter Running
Bob Watson was our sole representative at the Trowse 10K on Easter Sunday, and he did us proud with eleventh place and first V45. Not a bad holiday weekend for Bob, having taken second place in the parkrun the day before. Quality stuff, Bob. Also on the parkrun podium was Katie Samuelson, also in second place. Good going Katie as well. And well done me for not dusting off the usual egg puns for Easter.
[Andy I, Mon 05/04/10] [comments (0)]

Sudbury Fun Run
It's deja vu all over again at the Sudbury Fun Run where, for the second weekend in a row, John Oakes finished first V50, and this time exactly matched his PB of 28:26 from a few weeks back. Overall placing this time was fifth. Also starring was Diana Braverman, second V55 in 40:22. Good going, both.
[Andy I, Fri 02/04/10] [comments (0)]
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