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June 2007

Pub night
This Tuesday, being the first Tuesday of the month, will be pub night. However, ownership is changing at the Red Bull, and the likelihood of food is remote this month, so there is a strong possibility of us decamping to the Hat and Feathers again, at least temporarily - it's just a couple of hundred yards down the road, opposite Grange Road, so no big upheaval. Bear it in mind!
[Andy I, Fri 29/06/07] [comments (0)]

Late news - BMAF 5K
Mark's and Sue's results now in from the national masters' 5Ks.
[Andy I, Fri 29/06/07] [comments (0)]

More long-distance insanity
A belated update on our soon-to-be newest member, Katie Samuelson-Dean - news reaches me that she completed the White Peak marathon in 3:53:23 and the Windermere Marathon in 3:55:29. Excellent results on their own, but when you realise those races were on consecutive days last month.....!! And those of us (i.e. me) outsprinted by her in Tuesday's 5K time trial will be dismayed to hear that Katie was recovering from the 42-mile Rotary Across Wales Walk (or Ultra... I think it was that one...?) last weekend. Have you met Johann, Lars and Karen, Katie?
[Andy I, Thu 28/06/07] [comments (0)]

5K League - Cambridge
Reminder - we're hosting the 5K League on Thursday week, the 5th of July, at Wilberforce Road. Please try your hardest to make it - remember turnout cost us badly at Saffron Walden, and just getting round can make all the difference to the result. Just turn up in your club vest and run, 7-30pm start, no registration, free entry. We're also likely to need marshals, so if you can't run, or would rather not, make yourself known to a club official or me.
[Andy I, Mon 25/06/07] [comments (0)]

Sunday 24th June
A couple of sets of results now in on a quiet racing weekend; from the Walden Triathlon and the Yaxley 7. Also, belatedly, the first race of the Peterborough 5K series. Why don't C&C travel in large numbers to Yaxley or the 5Ks? Very good events, and not a long trip.
[Andy I, Mon 25/06/07] [comments (0)]

Stowmarket Friday 5
The Dewison family rankings were overturned at Stowmarket last night by a 45-second victory for Alex. Will the old chap ever win again...? ;-)
Diana took second place in the FV55s.
[Andy I, Sat 23/06/07] [comments (0)]

Dovedale Dash 3 November 2007
I have booked 28 places at Eyam YHA for the Saturday Night; dinner and breakfast, its a bit further to the start if the race but it gives us a change of hostel and some history about the plague (its clear now).

http://www.dovedaledash.co.uk/ informs you of the event and the entry fee.

Have a look a look at the photo library for previous events.

bedding arrangements will be in 1 x 10 bed plus a number of 6, 4 and 2 bedded rooms to make up to 28

I will send a message out shortly with costs but it should be about £26.60 per person for the stay, and when I confirm, would you be able to pay up front as I will need to raise the 25% deposit quickly.

Please contact me on iag.mckay@ntlworld.com for more details or ring/text me 07978 391012


[Ian McKay, Wed 20/06/07] [comments (0)]

Lars's report from the 100km
Lars has written a report on the weekend's sheer lunacy in France.......

Johann and I drove down there Friday night with a 'good' nights sleep on the ferry to Le Havre. Saturday noon we picked up our numbers. The organizers was pretty impressed that 2 foreigners were coming all the way from Cambridge 'just' to run the 100k. About 100 was at the start Sunday morning at 5.30 and the weather forecast said warm sunny day with risk of thunderstorms. We didn't get any rain during the day but the temperature raise to 28º C. The 25 km loop was more hilly than expected about 1000m altitude in total. We kept a speed of about 10k per hour with stops at every water station. Some of the more strange things at the water stations were beer, coffee, tea, cakes etc. We kept to our energy gels and some of the more normal stuff. I must say that I can't stand the sight of energy gels after this race.
After 60 km Johann left me behind. I had to walk a bit once in a while. We were also told that the 3rd round would be the worst, but that was nothing compared to the 4th. For the last 10 km I couldn't run any more. I had to walk the rest of the race, and that felt a long way. Johann did better but he also suffered on the last bit.
The organisers were very kind and helpful. And because we came a long way they came up with prizes for the 2 fastest (and only) foreigners:-)
The result:
49 of about 100 finished:
15th Johann Graggaber 10.32.22
26th Lars Frederiksen 11.51.56
[Andy I, Wed 13/06/07] [comments (0)]

European Championships for Veterans
A belated word of congratulations to Mark Chaplin on representing Great Britain at Regensburg in Germany, running 39:43 in torrential rain on a nine-lap course(!).
[Andy I, Wed 13/06/07] [comments (0)]

Henham 10K
Heroics from Pietro and Joad at Henham on Sunday. Pietro won overall in 35:13, whilst Joad finished sixth, and third vet, with 38:49. Congrats to both.
[Andy I, Tue 12/06/07] [comments (0)]

100km du Loire Béconnais Haut Anjou
Message from Carmel:
Just spoke to a very tanned (not to mention skinny-looking) Johann. They survived! Johann didn't wear a proper watch (again) so didn't get his finishing time but it was somewhere just under 11 hours. Lars finished in around 11:45. The race was in the Loire valley, somewhere close to Angers and Nantes and the temperature was somewhere between 28 and 32 degrees. Around 80 people completed the 100km and Lars and Johann were the only non-French. They were both given trophies as the fastest finishing foreigners and no one could believe they came all the way from England just for the race. Johann is walking fine today but he said that after finishing on Sunday, he could barely lift his legs to step over things. Anyway, he's still smiling so that's got to be a good thing!
[Andy I, Tue 12/06/07] [comments (0)]

Cologne Marathon
Message from Ish:
Ish and Dave Yeneralski (and some friends from Greens) are doing the Cologne marathon on Sunday 7th October. It's flat and well-organised, and there is a half marathon available too. Contact Ish (Ishmail@orange.net) if you want to join us and need more details. Flights from Stansted with Germanwings.com are only £47 inclusive at the moment.
[Andy I, Tue 12/06/07] [comments (0)]

Sunday 10th June
First Sunday results in; from the Bedford Sprint Triathlon series - Nigel and Nick both knocking a sizeable chunk off their times from the first race, Nick producing the tenth-fastest run leg overall.
[Andy I, Mon 11/06/07] [comments (0)]

Southern Men's/Women's League - Cambridge
C&C men and women were both triumphant in their latest Southern League fixtures at Wilberforce Road last Saturday week. The men beat Colchester Harriers, Harrow and Colchester & Tendring; the women defeated St Mary's, amongst others. Follow the links to the Cambridge Evening News reports on the men's fixture and the women's fixture. Well done everyone.
[Andy I, Mon 11/06/07] [comments (0)]

Swaledale Marathon - results
Full results are now in from the Swaledale Marathon - click the link. Well done all, especially Ben and Teresa, first C&Cs home (with impressive times).
[Andy I, Sat 09/06/07] [comments (0)]

Ultra news
Lars and Johann are racing 100km in France this weekend. Yes, running. I think it's this race, but can't be certain - anyone know? Anyway, best of luck to both of them (I think they may need it!).
[Andy I, Fri 08/06/07] [comments (0)]

5K League - results
Full results are now in from the Saffron Walden race, with Walden Tri joining Saffron Striders, Newmarket Joggers, Haverhill RC and C&C in the league. The men featured strongly, claiming first team place, with Pietro winning overall. Mystifyingly, from our strong female squad, only two women made it to the race (three to score), and 27 penalty points meant we finished a lowly fourth. However, second place in the combined standings gives us a good chance of repeating last season's combined victory. Let's hope we can turn out in force next month in our home race.
[Andy I, Thu 07/06/07] [comments (0)]

Derbyshire pics
Ian and Helen's pics of the weekend are now up......
[Andy I, Wed 06/06/07] [comments (0)]

5K League - this Thursday
The first of this summer's 5K league fixtures is this Thursday at Saffron Walden. We need as many members to turn out as possible, so please do your best to make it. Simply turn up wearing your C&C vest and run - no entry fee, no registering. The start is in the Swan Meadow Car Park in New Pond Lane, at the foot of Windmill Hill as you enter Saffron Walden from Cambridge - map link. See you there.
[Andy I, Tue 05/06/07] [comments (0)]

URGENT - Swaledale Marathon places available
Two places have become available for the Swaledale Marathon, including accommodation. The catch is that it is THIS Saturday. The Marathon involves 23 miles across some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere, covering hilly terrain in the Yorkshire Dales, and is taken as a race, as a brisk trot or as a walk, according to taste. If you fancy a challenge, or want to learn more, get in touch with Ian McKay (click to e-mail) as soon as possible.
[Andy I, Tue 05/06/07] [comments (0)]

Norwich 100 cycle ride
Ish, Cole, Phil G, Tim, Nigel and Marcus all completed the Norwich 100 successfully at the weekend, with Alex B doing the 50 mile option. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Well done all.
[Andy I, Tue 05/06/07] [comments (0)]

Bury Friday 5
Congratulations to Diana - first FV55 at Bury, in a race which featured an inter-generational Dewison tussle; seniority won.
[Andy I, Mon 04/06/07] [comments (0)]

Sunday's results, 3rd June
Results in from the (presumably descriptively-named) Tilty Hilly 5 in Essex, and a high placing from our (three-quarters Italian) representatives, particularly Pietro in sixth, and Diana's second FV55. We won't be talking about the Dorking 10. It was really hot, OK? :-)
Finally, we had a good turnout at the Eastern Vets' five-miler at Reach - thanks to Rachel for the results.
[Andy I, Sun 03/06/07] [comments (0)]

Wilberforce Road - request
We've been asked by the University to make sure that we vacate the changing facilities before 8:30pm on training nights - we seem to have been getting slack lately. Please make sure that you're showered by 8:20 and that training is finished in plenty of time.
[Andy I, Sat 02/06/07] [comments (0)]
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